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When it comes to voting, no way in Hill


Columnist Crystal Rose says that Clinton has continually lied and gotten away with it, but she shouldn’t be rewarded with the presidency. | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted with the lives of 320 million Americans.

Clinton has flip-flopped on countless issues. She lied under oath about Benghazi and lied to the FBI about the email scandal. She cannot even handle classified emails as the secretary of state, and yet, half the nation is ready to give her the most powerful position in the country.

In September 2012, a U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi was attacked resulting in the death of four Americans. The facility was warned of the attack two days prior and had requested increase of security numerous times. They received none.

During the event, Clinton told the public that it was an act of terror, even though she knew full well that it was a terrorist attack. An act of terror is about intimidating or coercing to attain political or religious gains. A terrorist attack is a surprise, purposeful violent act against civilians to obtain political or religious gains.

Prior to the attack, a YouTube video smeared Islam’s image. The Obama administration initially claimed the video sparked protests which developed into the attack.

Clinton repeatedly said for several days that the attack was due to the video. However, a Libyan terrorist group said the attack “had been planned for approximately one month” and the soldiers were “well-trained, hardened killers.” Eventually, Clinton admitted that it was a purposeful, violent terrorist attack which had nothing to do with the video.

Many reports concerning Benghazi reveal mixed reviews about whether Clinton knew of the Americans’ request of security or not. A U.S. Senate committee says she is innocent. I can accept that ruling.

What is unacceptable is her statement during the committee, “What difference, at this point, does [the reason for their deaths] make?” The reason makes a huge difference. Insight can be given for who is responsible, what procedures should change, and most importantly, can bring closure to the families.

Clinton has deleted numerous classified emails despite what she claims was an an innocent mistake. FBI Director James Comey said that out of the 33,000 deleted emails, 113 contained classified information, and three of those had classification markers.

Clinton claimed that she never sent or received classification information. Although Comey called her mail setup “extremely careless,” he said that she generally dealt with classified information in an appropriate way.

Months after Comey investigated Clinton and she still sticks to her pinholed story, Comey responded, “Participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it.”

She said that she has taken responsibility for her actions, but all I have seen from her is lying about the transportation of them and borderline telling the truth about it. If that is responsibility, then sure, she has gone above and beyond.

Clinton flip-flopped on many issues, one of which is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). She explained the purpose of TPP is to “lower barriers, raise standards, and drive long-term growth across the region. It will cover 40 percent of the world’s total trade and establish strong protections for workers and the environment. Better jobs with higher wages and safer working conditions, including for women, migrant workers … rebalance the global economy.”

Originally, she was all-in and wholeheartedly supported it. She referred to it as the “gold standard” for providing Americans with new, better jobs.

Recently, she changed her mind and said that she “hoped it would be the gold standard,” implying hesitation in the decision. If that was really what she said, then why did she also say that it will be “cutting-edge,” “high-quality,” “innovative” and “ambitious” if she questioned its ability to help Americans? She would not.

She believed in the cause, but backtracked and covered up the truth.

Scandals also follow the Clinton family. First it was former President Bill Clinton with the Whitewater scandal, and now two scandals, Benghazi and the emails, from the wife.

How many times will she get involved in a scandal and get away with it? How many times must Americans have to turn a blind eye to her wrongs? The answer should be none.

Do not be pressured into voting for Clinton this November. I know I won’t

Crystal Rose is a corporate communications senior and can be reached at [email protected]

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  • 320 million people?

    Clinton caught be trusted with the lives of 4 Americans … in Benghazi.

    The crooked media is playing us with the poll numbers … Trump’s crowd sizes are hundreds of times more than those of Hillary … who can only fill less than half of a small halls. At one airport arrival … only 6 people should up to greet her.

    Nice piece CR.

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