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BREAKING: Burglars strike dozens of cars at off-campus apartment

Taylor Coleman

American Sign Language junior Taylor Coleman owned one of more than 40 cars and trucks that were broken into at the Campus Vue parking garage Tuesday. | Greg Fails/The Cougar

Like most Campus Vue residents, finance freshman Cameron Deloach started his second day of school with a warning from his friends to check his car.

His Subaru BRZ was one of more than 40 vehicles in the apartment’s parking garage that were broken into overnight. 

“They ripped out my stereo and went through all my compartments and everything,” Deloach said. “They actually jammed (the gear shift) back into fourth gear to get the radio out.”     

Deloach said the cost to replace his window and speaker could be up to $1,000. He believes the figure may be higher if there is any damage to the transmission.

Chemical engineering sophomore Danielle Hoffmeyer, who had a window on her Honda Accord smashed and a backpack stolen, joined Deloach in talking to HPD this afternoon and questioned how security at the Campus Vue was not aware of these incidents.

American Sign Language junior Taylor Coleman said she’ll most likely pay $360 to repair the damages to her vehicle. Though not angry, she spotted concerning signs at the residence hall during move-in.

“I went down (to find) a gatekeeper, and kept checking, but the gate wasn’t locked,” Coleman said. “I don’t want to complain, but I might as well because the staff was friendly but not helpful.”

Deloach and other Campus Vue residents pointed out the lack of security cameras — there is only one in the garage, where there was also a string of break-ins last week.

“That was (the thieves’) trial run. They were practicing, seeing if we had a response. There was no response, and now they come in with a whole crew,” Deloach said. “They know exactly what they’re after and they know they can steal it from anybody. This isn’t just some bullshit crew that’s just out in the neighborhood.”

Campus Vue declined to comment, although employees at their office have told residents that there will be heightened security.

Hoffmeyer and Deloach said that despite the promises they are considering moving from Campus Vue. They can’t, however, due to leasing obligations.

The Cougar has reached out to the Houston Police Department for comment.

Gabe LaBounty contributed to the reporting of this story.

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