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Enrollment reaches record highs for 3 years in a row

Students gather in the first floor of the Student Center North Building to see the performance on Tuesday afternoon. | Justin Tijiera/The Cougar

As of Sept. 7, 43,797 students were enrolled in classes. UH began its streak of achieving record enrollment in Fall 2014. | File photo/The Cougar

For the third straight year, UH’s enrollment has reached a record high. As of the 12th day of class, 43,797 students were enrolled in classes, which was 2.5 percent more students than Fall 2015.

“Our record enrollment and ability to attract world-class faculty are indications of the University of Houston’s dedication to student success as well as our rising reputation, both academically and athletically,” Chancellor and President Renu Khator said in a news release.

“Record enrollment” in Fall 2014 meant 40,959 students. That comes out to nearly 3,000 more bodies on campus in two years.

The campus has the largest population of Hispanic students. In Fall 2016, the student body is 29 percent Hispanic, 26.8 percent white, 20.5 percent Asian and 9.7 percent black. The University did not report the ethnic makeup of the remaining 14 percent of students.

Seventy percent of incoming freshman signed up for UHin4, a initiative that promises fixed-rate tuition and cheaper summer classes for students in return for taking 30 hours in their freshmen year.

Despite the ever-growing number of students commuting on campus each year, Parking and Transportation Services did not increase the number of permits sold for 2016. Garage and Student parking passes sold out within days after the first day of class on Aug. 22.

Parking lots at the Energy Research Park, touted as a reliable place to park on campus, began filling up. PTS opened a planned, but temporary, 1,000-space lot at the ERP, which will remain available for 18 months.

UH spokesperson Shawn Lindsey said the University started a few initiatives that address the growing number of students.

“Parking and Transportation has launched COAST, a new program that offers eligible UH students, faculty and staff discounts and incentives for carpooling to campus, utilizing Zipcar or riding METRO,” Lindsey said. “Also in the planning stages is the construction of another parking garage, which would be the fifth built on campus in the past 10 years.”

Lindsey said the University plans to hire consultants to develop long-term plans for parking and dining on campus as well.

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