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Focus Friday: Upcoming presidential debate

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The date is set, and the candidates seem ready to take on each other in this year’s first presidential debate.

After what feels like months without any real political news coming out of each campaign, we now have an opportunity to see policy, character and maybe even some fireworks on the debate stage. Donald Trump will definitely be the underdog, but don’t count the fiery candidate out. He has a knack for getting under his competitors’ skin.

Should we place any importance on the upcoming debate? Who do you think will win on the first night, and why? What do you expect to happen?

[tabgroup][tab title=”Jorden Smith”]

Senior staff columnist Jorden Smith

This debate promises to be the most anticipated debate — at least — in my lifetime.

The debate is probably less important than we give it credit for, but there is one key group that is still watching.

There are still many people who really don’t like Trump or his policies on the Republican side (including myself). They are waiting to see if he continues to be the man we have come to love/hate in this debate or if he’s been coached into some sort of newness.

I don’t expect anything to change in this debate, though. There will be a lot of name-calling from both sides. Expect Trump to call Hillary Clinton “crooked Hillary,” or some variant, and Clinton to lightly refer to Trump as a racist.

There probably won’t be many facts or plans presented, but a lot of fireworks that, while fun, might be signaling the end of our republic.

In the end, I expect Trump to seemingly win because Hillary doesn’t have the charisma or general experience with Trump that Republican opponents had toward the end of the primaries. Also, Trump has shown that yelling loudly sometimes gets you the win. Poor Lester Holt.

[/tab][tab title=”Caprice Carter”]

Senior staff columnist Caprice Carter

I do not place much importance on the upcoming debate as I am not a very politically-motivated individual. However, the event may set the standard for what we can all expect during the general election.

As Donald Trump is a charismatic presidential candidate, there is a very real chance that he can win the debate, but Hillary Clinton will not give up easily.

Clinton is a seasoned politician with a sharp mind and is a brilliant public speaker. A clear and concise description of her policies and a calculated approach may give her a win in this debate.

With an unpredictable candidate like Trump, anything is expected and nothing is out of bounds. If I decide to tune in to the debate, I am sure I will be thoroughly amused.

[/tab][tab title=”Thom Dwyer”]

Assistant opinion editor Thom Dwyer

The name of the game for this upcoming debate is damage control.

Unique questions aimed at Clinton will most likely be things that have to do with her health and her ability to handle the stress of being president. Unique questions for Trump will probably be about all of the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth.

No matter who news outlets say is slated to win the debate, we as citizens are going to lose. Go out and vote anyway so that you have the right to complain about the way things are.

[/tab][tab title=”Frank Campos”]

Opinion editor Frank Campos

I place a lot of importance on the debate because it gives me the opportunity to learn what the candidates really think about multiple issues. Although it won’t help me decide who to vote for this November, those who are on the fence can get a better picture of what each candidate would be like as president.

I think that we will see a couple of things happen Monday night. Trump will definitely mock or upset Clinton to throw her off guard, but I think politics will prevail. Clinton will show that she is more qualified to be president than Trump could ever be.

At the end of the night, Clinton will come out victorious over a disheveled Trump.

This is only one of a few debates, and we still have over a month to go before Election Day so I will not claim a complete victory just yet. Still, I think these presidential debates will have major implications on who is elected president in November.[/tab][/tabgroup]

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  • Hillary Clinton’s biggest opponent come Monday Night will be herself. Her health condition will heavily factor and well as her rhetoric.

    Trump is content to let her talk as long as she wants. And honestly, the more she talks, the more she plunges in the polls.

    Clinton’s policy recommendations will be a continuation of Obama’s economy killing rules. We’ll get more of Tax the Rich from her, which lessens the chances of employment for the rest of us … I mean, who goes up to a poor man and asks him for a job?

    When the debate schedule was announced, the initial thought was that it would be drowned out by football. It was a GOP concern, but since COLIN KAEPERNICK and some of his fellow players have been disrespecting of Our Flag, the side-effect of lower NFL VIEWERSHIP has reversed the effect. Early estimates of 80-100 million will be watching for Hillary for GAFFS and MEDICAL EVENTS.

    As for Trump … he’s very comfortable in front of the camera … and although he might have a gaff here or there, his support is not going to go down. One British politician said, “Trump has momentum,” and it hard to compete against momentum when Clinton is drawing only HUNDREDS to her rallies.

    Be expecting Clinton’s ARKANSAS BROADBEAM CACKLE LAUGH after Lester Holt’s questions. Holt is in a difficult position. He saw what happened to Matt Lauer when he was FAIR with Mrs. Clinton. But Trump will not hesitate to call Holt softballs to Clinton, which is his way of fighting back. And its what Trump supporters expect. They will not be bullied anymore by the Progressive Bent Media.

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