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Police investigates theft at Center for Student Media

Two Quandrangle dorms, Taub and Settegast, were broken into while getting security upgrades over the break. Residential Life and Housing updated the card scanners and added security cameras starting this semester. | Amanda Scott/The Daily Cougar

A resident of Taub Residence Hall was issued a referral by Student Life. | File Photo/The Cougar

Oct. 7: UH Police Department had an eventful night Friday as they investigated a series of thefts and misconducts.

Computer information systems senior Cory Rodriguez and media production freshman Michael Galardi became the victims of theft when a currently unidentified individual entered the Center for Student Media in the Student Center North.

The thief made off with their backpacks containing laptops, cameras and Galardi’s car keys.

“UHPD called me telling me they have a suspect,” Galardi said. “From what I understand, however, not much can be done unless we know a serial number off of an item that was taken.”

Toilet paper theft

A UH student was caught attempting to steal a UH-owned pack of toilet paper from the Engineering 1 building.

The incident, which occurred between 11:20 p.m. and 11:24 p.m., resulted in the issuing of a Student Life Referral. The 18-roll pack of toilet paper was later reclaimed.

Student Life cleared the case.

Intoxicated student

After exhibiting erratic behavior at Taub Residence Hall Friday night, a student was sent to Park Plaza Medical Center after consuming an undetermined substance.

According to UHPD, the student most likely ingested a marijuana edible as well as prescription medication, which together caused him to become intoxicated and shout loudly. The student was issued a Student Life Referral.

The case has been cleared by Student Life.

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