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Area gyms add variation to routine

Getting a quality workout at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center can be hard as lines can form for equipment and machines.

If you don’t live on campus, or just want to work out away from UH, there are numerous options in the city. Just look below.

24 Hour Fitness

Where: 3201 Louisiana St.

24 Hour Fitness is a great option if you’re looking for similar amenities to the Rec Center. They offer personalized and private training, and the weight room has up-to-date equipment.

The fact that the gym is open 24 hours per day makes it ideal for any student who can’t make it to a gym during regular hours. Another benefit is that they are located throughout Houston.

24 Hour Fitness has various plans that range from $36.99 to $41.99 per month, plus initiation and annual fees.

Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA

Where: 808 Pease St.

Like 24 Hour Fitness, there are many YMCAs located throughout Houston, but the downtown location is close to campus and in the heart of the city.

The gym offers many classes — from yoga to strength training — during the day and most are included in the membership cost. They also have a small indoor track and many of the accommodations that the Rec Center has.

Membership for students is $38 per month plus a $75 one-time initiation fee.

CrossFit EaDo

Where: 2955 Gulf Freeway

In the past 10 years, CrossFit has become the newest trend in exercise. You’ll know when someone does it because they never stop raving about it.

Along with CrossFit, the gym off of I-45 also provides Olympic weightlifting and yoga classes.

If you haven’t tried CrossFit and are curious, or just bored with your current routine, the place invites newcomers to attend a free workout that is given at 10 a.m. on Saturdays.

One of the disadvantages with CrossFit is that it can get expensive due to the high demand. This location does offer a discount for students, but membership is still $150 per month for unlimited access to the gym.

The League: Elite Training Facility – EaDo

Where: 2905 Rusk St.

To the uninitiated, The League looks like a CrossFit gym. Although there are similarities, they focus on high-intensity interval training, which is a higher repetition, cardio-intensive workout.

High-intensity training is good for shedding weight and improving functionality and strength.

The gym membership comes with a hefty price tag, but it is a little cheaper than CrossFit. It is $129 per month for unlimited workouts.

Yoga House Houston

Where: 4001 Almeda Road

Besides being good for the mind and body, yoga is also a great way to stay in shape if weightlifting isn’t your thing. Doing yoga can strengthen the body and enhance flexibility.

Yoga House has various ways to enlist, but the best bargain is to sign a contract. They have three, six and 12-month contracts. The longer the contract length, the cheaper it becomes. They start at $75 per month and go down to $55 for 12 months.

They also offer instruction on a per-class basis, but it is more expensive. Five classes can be purchased for $75.

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