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Rigged election claim continues bigoted campaign

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The Republican presidential nominee has seen his future: He is laying the groundwork for an eventual defeat and life after the campaign trail.

Donald Trump is done. I feel like I have said that so many times before, but really, even this time he knows it. What started out as a whisper he made during a random campaign stop has now, thanks to his campaign, surrogates and supports, turned into a full-blown conspiracy theory.

The man is completely toxic and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. When defeat is all but certain, Trump will discredit and destroy everything around him — his party, our democracy and our society.

Art of self-destruct

Trump’s eventual defeat will not come at the hands of his opponent. His ego and demagogue status have killed any chance he had to become president.

It’s time we stop saying Trump is not a politician; this is his second attempt to run for president and he has been campaigning for over a year.

We have had plenty of time to learn what kind of politician Trump wants to be. He has chosen to be a politician who seeks support by making false promises and appealing to popular prejudices instead of genuine arguments and policies.

Now we are less than 30 days from Election Day and Trump has made the rigged claim a part of his campaign. He is both claiming a rigged democracy and calling out Republicans who believe in our democracy instead of the would-be president.

This false rhetoric of a rigged election stems from Trump’s claim that a combination of the biased media and voter fraud will try to take this election from him.

Before you use this column as an example, please check our news section; you will see completely unbiased, fact-based reporting there. Here is where you will find people like me who will never vote for Trump, think he is a bigot and will proudly tell anyone who asks.

The real ‘big fix’

Trump is completely wrong on both fronts. The reason he and his supporters think the media covers more of his fallacies over Hillary Clinton is because he puts himself in front of a camera every day and spews out the first thing that comes to his head.

The things he decides to say are completely egregious. Instead of his supporters wavering, they stand behind him as the media dare to cover facts.

His claim of a rigged election is the worst of all — especially since what he is really saying is that he doesn’t want women and minorities to take this election from him and his core group of white voters.

“This whole election is being rigged,” Trump said to a crowd of supporters. “The whole thing is one big fix. One big ugly lie. It’s one big fix.”

What has been “one big fix” is his entire campaign. It took a while for people to realize it, but most everyone, except for those with blind party loyalty and dementia, has jumped off of the train they were held hostage in. They opted for death at the hands of a Clinton presidency rather than the bottom of the cliff.

Walking mistake

It’s wrong to ask for election observers to intimidate proud Americans willing to go to the polls to exercise their rights. This asks people to racially profile others and then be confrontational toward anyone they feel don’t pass their test of being American enough to vote.

Trump is literally dividing our country and seems dead set at destroying, at least, our democracy by the time this election is over.

The only people being fooled this election are Trump supporters who refuse to acknowledge that they made the wrong choice.

Clinton is not the perfect candidate, but who is? At least we know our chances of a nuclear war will drastically go down without a hot-tempered and irrational leader so close to the big red button.

Opinion editor Frank Campos is a media production senior and can be reached at [email protected]


  • ‘ol Frankie Boy is a Kool-Aid drinker. Big time.

    Look dudette … you have to know that Democrats cheat in elections. Heck, they’ve been bragging about it on video. One guy bragged about voting six time for Obama at some Wisconistan University in 2008. Surely, you’ve heard of the DEAD VOTING for Democrats? Why do you think that ID’s are good for everything else … EXCEPT VOTING? Not to mention Democrats always fight against removing the dead from voter rolls.

    When it comes … I wonder if poor voters can afford … THEIR OWN FINGERPRINTS?

    Of course you haven’t heard that the Obama’s have lost their licenses to practice law. Barack lied on his application, and Moochelle would have been charged with insurance fraud. But that’s for another day.

    No, gullible people like ‘ol Franky Boy have an unending belief that Democrats are pristine unblemished people until they are used like Bill Clinton raping a young teen on his friend’s island of ill repute. Or insulted by Hillary behind their backs.

    Yes, we all know Hillary comes from humble means. Really? She lived in a Chicago $600K (1950’s money) mansion growing up? And oh, Frankie Boy … it was the Chicago dead voters who got Kennedy elected.

    We know Trump scares you Franky. He actually FIGHTS BACK, just as I do. Previous GOP nominees never lifted a finger to defend themselves, and it cost them elections or bad poll numbers. Trump’s grit

    Leftist used to just say the word RACIST and All Republicans would cower … now only the Establishment GOP cower. But I’m not gonna cower, nor is Trump.

    Trump is rewriting the book on how to run an election campaign.

    And ‘ol Frankie Boy … if there was a RIGGED CAMPAIGN … it was the Democrat PRIMARY between Sanders and Clinton. That plus her Super-delegates were never going to allow Bernie to win.

    Clinton was actually GIVEN questions by debate moderators. During the first debate … anytime Clinton touched anywhere near her nose or mouth, the moderator went back to her so she could make a point. And who knows the drug cocktail that Hillary is taking to get her through the debates?

    Franky … your campaign of Trump destruction is failing. Trump has a personal connection to each of his voters … his rallies show that.

    While Hillary Clinton is unable to draw flies to a rotting corpse, I fight it hard for her to have a personal connection to any of her voters, especially with millennials, who made their first choice known during the primaries … Bernie.

    So yes, Democrats will try to rig the election as much as they can. But can she overcome all her NEGATIVES with WikiLeaks and FBI email dumps.

    The most recent FBI email dump noted how Hillary is MEAN and INCONSIDERATE to everyone who serves her, except those in her inner circle like Huma Abedin. No wonder Democrats threw her under the bus in 2008. Her SecState Security kept quitting during her tenure. No Senior security officials wanted to work with her. Clinton insults of Democrats behind their backs in the emails will be telling … if she insults High Party Democrats … then what does she really think about the Democrat Voting Base.

    And many Democrats will not be happy with her after the latest bad Hillary news cycles through the electorate. Now we find out that the activist Zulema Rodriguez coordinated with the Clinton Campaign and the DNC to shut down Trump rallies in Chicago and Arizona. Democrat paid Rent-a-Mods disrupt Trump rallies and make it look as if his supporters are causing trouble.

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