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Remember to take advantage of early voting

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Early voting has started in Texas, which marks the end of this election cycle and the beginning of a transition to a new president.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who don’t enjoy the process and long lines of Election Day. Skip the wait and take advantage of a system that allows you to participate in the election if you can’t make it to the polls on Tuesday.

Don’t let yourself make excuses that lead to you not participating in such an important election.

This election looks to be a historic one, as we have seen a rise in registered voters across the country. Texas had a record breaking 15 million voters register out of a possible 19 million eligible Texans.

Nov. 8 will surely feature a hectic process at the polls that could have voters waiting for over an hour. The most similar event to this one was the 2008 election when Texas had 13.5 million registered voters before Election Day.

It looks like Texans are starting to support their opinion with action. Rekha Muddaraj, KHOU’s weekday anchor, said that between 9,500 to 10,000 voters came out to vote on the first day of early voting in Harris County alone.

Of course, these numbers will go down as the week goes on, but imagine the thousands of registered voters making their way to the polls and casting their vote on Election Day in your county. If this thought scares you, figure out a way to sneak away from school or work in the next two weeks so you can still have a voice this election.

You don’t even have to go to a specific location. Any early polling location within your county will allow you to cast your vote. Skipping this election will require you to unlock levels of laziness you didn’t know existed.

Don’t skip and regret your decision afterward.

Not making it on Election Day would be awful if you wait until the last minute. After that, you have no options but to accept the results and your next president.

Our government wants to do whatever it can to make it possible for all eligible and registered voters to cast a vote. It is up to you to take advantage and go to early polling locations, if that is what is necessary to participate.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your voice heard and get a cool “I voted” sticker, too.

Opinion editor Frank Campos is a media production senior and can be reached at [email protected]

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