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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


We are doomed with Trump victory


Well, it’s over everyone: Humanity lost, and we have just elected Donald Trump as president.

All of those who claimed to be moving away from the country need to make sure their passports are ready since we will have a new president at the beginning of next year.

Clinton got close again, but she ultimately failed to overcome Trump’s momentum coming into Election Day. Despite dividing the country during his campaign, we must all  agree and accept him as our president.

So many questions now arise from the actuality of a Trump presidency, but we must not falter and answer them soon. Most importantly, we should expect sweeping changes in legislation and policy within the first 100 days.

I feel fear, rather than hope, for what lies ahead.

Trump, a man who many claim speaks for them, plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act without any real solutions for a replacement. While the program has its issues, it also provides health insurance to millions of Americans who otherwise would not have any.

Obamacare is as good as gone now.

Abortion is another issue that will likely undergo a rapid change. Trump has stated before that he wants to make abortion illegal and even punish the women who decide to get one. We will see the new president deprive women the choice for them to do whatever they want with their bodies.

Trump will also get to nominate a candidate for the vacant Supreme Court Justice post. He now has the ability to mold the U.S. into whatever he wants.

Gay marriage will likely be another casualty of Trump’s presidency. Despite all the hard work President Barack Obama has put into making gay marriage legal, Trump will likely and easily change the laws with a new conservative voice on the Supreme Court.

Those who fear what a Trump presidency might do to their immigration status now have to deal with the stark reality that they will not be in this country for much longer. Children, husbands and wives will all be subject to the no-amnesty plan.

The lives of many who were trying to live the American dream are essentially over. They will now be forced to go back to a country just because they, or their parents, came here illegally.

Enjoy these last couple of months with Obama. They will be the safest you feel as afterward the nuclear codes are handed over to Trump.

On top of this, Trump will now be the U.S.’ voice to foreign diplomats from countries in the Middle East and Asia. I’m still not sure how this will be possible since Trump had offended Muslims and their religion in his entire campaign.

Trump’s knowledge of foreign policy is the most-concerning red flag. With soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, a lot is at risk since he knows almost nothing about what is going on around the world and our role in it.

It was funny when Trump was dancing around foreign policy questions during his campaign. It’s horrifying now with him being president.

Whether you voted for Trump, it’s time to swallow your medicine and accept the fact that he will be our next commander-in-chief. Let’s just hope the people around him can guide us through these next four years as we prepare Sen. Cory Booker to take on and defeat Trump.

Opinion editor Frank Campos is a media production senior and can be reached ay [email protected]

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