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Guest Column: United we stand

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United — the first word of our country’s name.

Over 200 years ago, our forefathers founded our nation on the optimistic belief that people who come from different places and believe different things can live together in harmony, and that they can become united.

However, today, we continue divide ourselves through labels: red and blue, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican.

History shows that division is what leads nations down the path to destruction. Today, instead of groaning or gloating, I implore you to reach across to the brethren who are different than you. Reach out to that Trump, Hillary and third-party supporter. Reach out to that straggling nonvoter because America isn’t made up of random disconnected parts.

It is an existential mosaic of different people, thoughts and views.

This idea goes completely against our fundamental nature as humans, as we tend to notice our differences first, but we must fight these urges and become one with our fellow countrymen. This unity is what makes and will make America strong for years to come.

We must own who we are and the decisions we make if we want to be taken seriously in the world as a country.

Even though this election cycle has bitterly divided us to our core, we must always remember to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and come together as a nation. We must unite despite our differences, despite our backgrounds and despite our fear of the unknown.

We must stand together because without each other we will fall apart.

We must reach outside of our cozy bubbles of similar-thinking people and challenge ourselves to connect with someone different, to hear the thoughts and concerns of someone else and to genuinely care about them and their well-being.

Not because we should, but because we can.

Not many countries contain the plethora of perspectives and viewpoints as the United States, and we should take advantage of and be grateful for it every day. We can all start somewhere, wherever we are with whoever we can.

Perren Wright is a Biomedical Engineering Sophomore and can be reached at [email protected]

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