• Timor Timor Timor. You glittering jewel of colossal ignorance.

    Please explain to me how 12,000 years ago, give or take a couple of hundred years … how man could have caused the demise of the last period of glaciation?

    With our planet covered by a lot more ice then than it is now, our ancestors must have used their SUV’s to the max to melt all that ice. Oh wait Timor … our ancestors were still using stone tools, and still recovering from the near extinction of 75,000 years ago, from either Toba or possibly another source.

    Yes, ending the last ice age took a lot of heat, a lot more than we are producing now. Yet, your Global Warming models can tell us everything … because they are programmed by dupes like you.

    We have state of the art meteorological tech, yet no one can tell us the exact location of a hurricane in 24-48 hours, or whether a dangerous tornado will form in a couple of hours. But, your models can predict to the exact date when Miami will go underwater, or when NYC will be flooded, which of course is decades and decades from now … when no one will be around to take umbrage in response to your imbecilic assumptions.

    You’ve got talent Timor, but by insulting a good portion of the student body with your alleged hand drawn tripe, well … you embarrass yourself … and you’re not even aware of it.

    • Timor

      I didn’t want your memorized talking points about Global Warming.

      I asked “how man could have caused the demise of the last period of glaciation?”

      If Man is such a Global Warming Devil as you proclaim. They must have had a part in ending the Last Ice Age. I asked how they caused it?

      Timor … you have to know that the Earth had a environmental history before you Timor were born. The World did not start when teachers and professors started pumping Socialist indoctrination into your veins.

      I argue that our air now is much cleaner than it was prior to the 1990s. At least in America.

      Do our buses spew out rich black smoke like in India …
      do our power plants spew out unvetted VOCs like they do in China? Can we not see Downtown Houston when traveling along Beltway 8? No to all.

      Timor … if you and all your Socialist friends want to reduce CO2 output … then quit breathing. But I want you to breath because trees and vegetation like CO2 … which begets O2, which we need to live.

      If you and your Socialist friends want to reduce CH4 … then quit expelling flatus from your bottom round cavity that expels fecal material. In other words … no VIPooh for you.

      Now as for N2O … I like Laughing Gas … besides, the stuff makes cars go fast with Nitrous Oxide systems installed.

      • I know I must frustrate you Timor …

        … my disagreement with you has to bother you to no end … and I’m probably the biggest topic of conversation with your therapy group.

        Your probably asking Timor … why is this person not been jailed for his thoughts? He’s not following my presented line. He’s not bending to the political will that is law at TDC.

        Well … if Clinton had won … maybe … but not before I would have taken a few of you with me.

        Merry Christmas Timor. I always enjoy the time of celebration when Mary, the Mother of Isa, is celebrated for giving birth to Allah’s Messenger. Alhamdulillah.

        • Timor … I’m touched …

          I’m glad that you take my comments in stride and have a giggle, because I laugh coming up with the stuff. It takes the edge off instead of having to do drink or drugs, since I need my little grey cells for my graduate work and running my company.

          Your drawing has improved. And I would encourage you to at times draw from the other side … put yourself in mold of the subject … become the subject. Take a chance. Explore. Sure, you might take a hit from friends, but were they really your friends in the first place?

          Break out from that closed Progressive World. Read Breitbat, or Heaven Forbid, listen or read transcripts of Limbaugh every once in a while.

          For instance, some ideas: You have Legal low-skilled Hispanics working their pants off. They look at 10 million instantly legal low-skilled Hispanics … will the original legal Hispanic have a chance for prosperity when faced with depressed wages when competing with the newly legalized for jobs? I pay my yard guy, an illegal from El Salvador almost double the going rate … and he deserves it. My yard looks nice, and I give him the accolades he deserved when neighbors or passerby’s comment on it.

          Or, the minimum wage argument, does inflating the minimum wage to $15/hr for doing $9/hr work cause businesses to bend over and take it … or do they find ways to remain competitive with their wage costs by deploying kiosks, and robot hamburger makers?

          Or, when it comes to global warming … how about the Climate Change Researchers being stuck in ice trying to prove their point. The stories are there with the last one running in July 2016, but the Progressive media does not take it seriously because it does not forward their CC agenda. The NYT wrote a story “Still Stuck in a Climate Argument” that did have a little bite, but that was it from the Mainstream Media,

          Or, what about the Celebs who PROMISED to leave, but have backed out.

          I wish I had the time to work with you guys. But I have an office that needs occasional leadership that cannot be administered under delegation.

          You keep drawing Khan … and I’ll keep commenting, or trolling … whatever you prefer.

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