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The University of Houston makes great strides for all

Chancellor Khator’s report details the strides the University made last year. | Courtesy of UH Media Relations

The University of Houston recently released the 2016 presidential report of the progress the University made last year. The University has become the school of choice for almost 44,000 students because of the bold actions university leaders have taken.

“If one word could characterize this past year, it would be boldness,” said Chancellor Renu Khator in her 2016 presidential report. “Boldness of our expectations but more importantly, boldness of our actions.”

In 2014, the University established the UHin4 program. UHin4 gives students increased advising and financial stability since they are given a set tuition lock for their four enrolled years. This year, 70% of the largest incoming freshman class in the University’s history chose to sign up for the innovative program.

Not only is the University breaking enrollment records, it is holding the institution and its faculty to incredibly high standards. In 2016, 18 of our faculty members were National Academy Members. Dr. Kenneth Brown’s studies in anthropology can be seen daily by people all over the world when they visit the Smithsonian.

To meet high standards, the University continues to develop and build new infrastructure.

Students studying natural sciences will have a new building to call home in 2017, and the basketball arena is undergoing a remodeling thanks to Chairman Tilman Fertitta. There is even a new science wet lab located in the Energy Research Park.

Not only do we think we are bold and innovative, the media thinks so too. The University of Houston was selected to be in the international spotlight as the host of the Republican Presidential Debate. This brought press from all across the nation to our campus, and the eyes of the world were upon us.

As expected, the University did not disappoint.

The University’s impression in the media did not stop there. It was featured in over 51,000 stories from such publications as Forbes, U.S. News, USA Today, The New York Times and more.

The University of Houston is in the spotlight and this is its time to shine. With the 2016 presidential report, one can see the University is in a position to make groundbreaking decisions that benefit the institution and its students.

We see 2017 is off to a good start with the innovative choice from the Provost’s office to make a push toward open source textbooks. This is the house that innovation has built, and we are not afraid to be bold.

With more steps in the right direction, the University of Houston will be nobody’s second choice and students from across the nation will want to be Cougars.

Delaney Catlettstout is a political science senior and can be reached at [email protected]

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