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Car stolen from campus lot in armed robbery

A UH student and an alumnus were robbed of their vehicle in a University parking lot Friday by two men brandishing a handgun, according to a security alert from the University of Houston Police Department.

The victims were parked in lot 20C, located on the west side of campus next to University Drive and Spur 5, when the two suspects approached around 10 p.m. and asked for directions. They produced a black semi-automatic handgun, and the victims fled on foot, according to the alert.

The suspects then took off in an unknown direction from the scene in the victim’s’ car, a black four-door 2005 Acura TL.

According to the security alert, the suspects are two black males between the ages of 17 and 19, one of whom has a “heavy build” and the other, who was wearing a red shirt, is “skinny.”

Neither victim was injured during the robbery.

According to the UHPD daily crime bulletins, this is the first robbery to take place in Lot 20C this semester. There have been three burglaries of motor vehicles in the lot since January.

This post will be updated pending more updates in the investigation.

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  • Yet campus carry is still a bad idea. LMAO carry concealed maybe these ((((Blacks)))) will think twice.

    • Silly human, campus ALREADY has a concealed carry policy. You honestly think a university will allow students to walk around with guns hanging out in the open? …. do you even follow what goes on at the university before posting your opinions?

  • I know that Gun Free UH President and lone member Alex J Colvin … he’s probably thinking … “Thank Goodness only the robbers had guns, or it could have got messy.”

    • even with concealed carry allowed on campus, it wouldn’t have helped in the tiniest way. you think a kid will take out his gun from his halter and have the opportunity to use it when there is a gun already in their face?

      argument is baseless

      • Anticipation … is key. Situational awareness … is key. If you do have your gun ready at 10pm … you deserve to get robbed.

        • You’re saying having your gun out at 10 pm= deserving to get robbed? I meant to say having a gun on you while a gun is in your face won’t help at all. By the time you reach down to get it, the other person will know what you are upto 🙁

      • In self defense class a gun owner is taught to never draw on a gun that is already drawn. Pulling your gun out is always the last option to use. Go take a gun class, be educated.

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