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BREAKING: Calhoun Lofts to be renamed

The University of Houston announced plans Monday to rename Calhoun Lofts, and on-campus residence for upperclassmen, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Executive Director for Media Relations Mike Rosen said the Lofts were initially named for the street on which they are located, but that they will be officially renamed University Lofts as soon as is practical.

Calhoun Road shares the name of John C. Calhoun, a secessionist who was vice president of the United States from 1825-1832. He owned slaves and called the practice a “positive good.”

“While the residence hall was not named in recognition of John C. Calhoun, in the wake of recent events, and out of sensitivity to our diverse student community the university has decided to change the name to University Lofts,” the University said in a statement.

Winni Zhang, president of the Student Government Association, said administration consulted her about the change Monday morning.

“I’m really glad to see that the University is doing this. We didn’t even have to approach them about it,” Zhang said. “I think now, more than ever, it’s important to change some of that culture, especially since we’re the second most diverse research university in the nation. I think that means we should be the leader in being proactive about these things, and not waiting for students to get upset about it.”

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  • John C. Calhoun belonged to which party? Oh, that’s right. He was a Democrat. His party was the party of slavery (whereas, today, it’s known as the party of abortion).

    I wonder if any of those history whiz kids at the U of H can name the party to which Sam Houston belonged….

    • …you are aware that Democrats had a Conservative Party Platform and the Republicans had a Liberal Party Platform prior to the Reconstruction Era, correct?

      History Whiz-Kids are well aware of this, and I implore you to utilize Google and research the history of political parties in the United States.

      I’ll leave a link for your review:

      Thanks for your contribution!

      • You’ve imbibed the kool-aid, Holmes.

        Democrats advanced the “positive good” theory of slavery in the 1850s, and opposed civil rights legislation in the 1960s.

        Now, instead of enslaving blacks, Democrats allow Planned Parenthood to abort them — all the while arguing that abortion (or, as the Dems like to say, a woman’s “right to choose”) is a positive good.

        Tell me: exactly when was it that the two parties switched ideologies?

        Was it when Sen. Robt. Byrd (D-WV) was a high-ranking official of the KKK? Was it when Governor Geo. Wallace (D-Alabama) fought to oppose integration of the schools?

        Or how about today, when Democrats fight tooth and nail against school choice — the very thing that would help blacks and other poor Americans to improve their chances of success?

        Nothing has changed. And as long as folks remain ignorant of history, nothing is likely to change.

        Now, run along and play with your Antifa buddies, comrade.

      • Codi, Robert KKK Byrd, Democrat Senator from West Virginia, was a KKK Grand Kleagle. And his name is posted on everything in West Virginia. Have you ever had an American history class?

  • US History has been so destroyed at UH … you have to rename stuff to find out the guy was, and why you should be offended. I was not offended by the Calhoun Lofts? Were you? And the stupid thing is that the lofts were not even name for John C. Calhoun.

    The spineless UH Administration should be ashamed. They’re wimps and politically correct, trying to keep up with UT at burning books. The Admin had no backbone to ask for student input. Heck, at Clemson, they are probably planning now to burn down Calhoun’s house.

    Five will get you ten, that SGA President W. Zhang, who prior to this morning, probably never even heard of John C. Calhoun, has already shown that her presidency will be one backed by a linguine spine. Flexible to any direction Zhang needs to appease.

    I knew I made the right decision in not renewing my season tickets.

  • Stupid…. I used to really support UH, both with cash and praise…but now…with this and the push for the campus to be a “Sanctuary Campus”…. I think I will pass on any more positive support and cash…well except for the donation for the Immigration office on campus.

  • Well, Calhoun has nothing to do with the university. Though the name University Loft is still quite stupid. Should name the lofts after someone important to the university. Maybe a University president or something. University Lofts is just dumb.

  • This is stupid. History happened, grow up. Time to enter the real world, time to be big boys and girls, and shims and shers..etc.

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