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MySafeCampus reporting system undergoes name change

Khator’s email informed the University of Houston System community of a name change for the MySafeCampus reporting system to reflect the University’s dedication to putting a stop to misconduct and noncompliance. | File Photo/The Cougar

UH President and Chancellor sent an email Monday informing the UH community that the anonymous questionable activity reporting system, MySafeCampus, will now be known as the Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline.

The name change, effective Monday, reflects the University’s dedication to creating a learning environment free from misconduct and noncompliance, she said.

“The University of Houston System strives to provide a working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, misconduct, fraudulent activity, and non-compliance with policies and rules,” Khator said in the email. “In this context, our first responsibility is to never engage in questionable actions ourselves but that alone is not enough. Our responsibility also includes reporting any questionable behavior or action if we see it.”

The email reminds the community that any member of the UH System can report misconduct anonymously through the system, or through UHPD.

Every report of misconduct and noncompliance is investigated, and no member of our community is above the process,” Khator said. “As I have said before, if you see something, say something.”

In the email, Khator encourages someone reporting sexual misconduct also contact the Title IX Coordinator. The email also links to a list of other resources available to University of Houston System students.

Khator said that while UH promotes the freedom of expression, there is still a collective responsibility of the community to observe the rights of others, including the freedom from violence or the threat thereof.

“However, acts of violence or threatened violence will not be tolerated,” Khator said. “As we express ourselves, it is equally important that we listen to others because listening leads to understanding, understanding leads to acceptance and acceptance leads to change.”

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