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Student Health Center set to relocate for spring

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center will be relocated to Health & Biomedical Science Building 2 in December 2017. | Autumn Rendall/The Cougar

The UH Student Health Center has set a tentative date to relocate to the newly built Health and Biomedical Science Building II in December 2017.

Chief Physician and Executive Director Vanessa Tilney said the Student Health Center
location has been in the heart of the residential district since 1968. The old building needs a modern upgrade, so the Student Health Center will move, she said.

“The current building is over 50 years old,” Tilney said. “This doesn’t lend itself to be as
efficient in a clinic operation. A new, modern facility will allow us to streamline our processes.”

Tilney said the plan to relocate and upgrade the Student Health Center’s facilities has been discussed with the University’s executive leadership for a few years. The concept became real in Spring 2016 when construction began on Health and Biomedical Science Building II.

Tilney said the Student Health Center will occupy two floors of the building. The pharmacy will be on the first floor and the Student Health Center on the second floor, she said.

“The advantages of moving will allow the Student Health Center to grow and accommodate
the demands of the student population,” Tilney said.

Student Health Center administrative assistant Mary Gibson said it offers a variety of services with affordable prices for college students and health insurance is not required. These services include a general medicine clinic, women’s and men’s care, psychiatry, orthopedics, a lab and an on-site

Tilney said students have the option to purchase a University-endorsed student health insurance plan if they’re on the market for more affordable coverage.

Another advantage of relocating is its proximity to sister departments, Tilney said, which should provide more comprehensive and better services to people on campus.

“The Student Health Center will be neighbors with the School of Nursing faculty and Health
and Human Performances to name a couple,” Tilney said.

The new location is expected to be operating by the beginning of Spring 2018, Tilney said. The group is planning an open house event with more details to be announced later.

“The Student Health Center providers and staff are extremely excited to relocate to a new facility
and be able to serve the student body with upgraded equipment and expanded services,” Tilney said.

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