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The Ellen Show gives away three World Series tickets

World Series

Ellen DeGeneres gives Game 4 World Series tickets to freshmen Damian Falcon, Jesus Quiroga and Tahj Bell Tuesday during her segment at UH. | Thom Dwyer/The Cougar

Three University of Houston students won World Series tickets to Game 4 in Houston from The Ellen Show, which filmed a segment of Wednesday’s show in front of the Ezekiel W. Cullen building Tuesday afternoon.

The winners were biology freshman Jesus Quiroga, computer information systems freshman Damian Falcon and human resource development and pre-law freshman Tahj Bell dressed up in inflatable bull costumes and called themselves “The Three Young Bulls.”

“I was contemplating going to my math class, but I said, ‘Ellen or math? I can take math again, but I can’t meet Ellen and have the opportunity to go to the World Series again,’” Bell said after winning his ticket.

Over 2,000  people were gathered in front of Ezekiel Cullen for the taping of the Ellen Show, said Jeannie Klisiewicz, host of the filmed segment.

For a chance to win tickets, attendees had to dress up in their biggest outfits and be chosen by one of The Ellen Show’s producers to compete on the show.

Those selected had to sing their own rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the show, with lyrics explaining why Ellen DeGeneres should pick them to go to the World Series.

“We just started spitballing (ideas),” Bell said. “I got the beginning going, and Jesus threw in, Damian threw in— it just came together like a cupcake batter.”

Bell said they went to Party City to buy the costumes and picked the bulls because “it was the cheapest inflatable.” He said that he has rooted from the Astros since they were almost Triple-A in performance on the field.

All three freshmen said they skipped class or classes to attend the event.

Falcon said that he has been watching the Astros since he was 3 or 4.

“I didn’t make any of my classes today, but I think it was worth it.” Falcon said. “I figured it was something fun to do. You really have nothing to lose— might as well take the chance.”

Hotel and restaurant management senior Hannah Grasso came dressed in a baseball mitt costume and said she had been out waiting since 10 a.m. for a chance to win tickets.

“I think that she is such a great icon and everything,” Grasso said. “Whenever I was growing up, my parents were like really against her, but I didn’t realize how great her being out and in media was so important to the LGBT community. Being here in general and having her visit our campus is such a huge thing.”

Corporate communications freshman Paige Wright dressed in her halloween costume as Tinker Bell. She said she occasionally watches “The Ellen Show” and DeGeneres’s comedic sitcom from the ’90s, “Ellen.”

“I wanted to win World Series tickets, because I wanted to take my mom,” Wright said. “She loves her Astros. We’ve gone to maybe four or five games together with our church. We’ve always been really high up, and I wanted her to have good seats and see the game.”

The @TheEllenShow Twitter account thanked the university for the turnout after filming.

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