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America is not yet ‘Great Again’

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Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it,” said then presidential candidate Donald Trump in his speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination.

After a year in the White House, President Trump has stumbled into roadblock after roadblock in implementing key campaign promises. Even though the Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress, they have failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, and failed to secure funding for Trump’s key immigration policy of a wall between the United States and Mexico border.

These are two key issues that mobilized Trump’s base to get him to the White House.

During his first year, Trump has shown little interest in learning how the federal government works, instead relying on his image as a savvy businessman. It is this image that for so long symbolized the idea of American greatness. The idea of success in America has for a long time symbolized the image of a tough individual with an entrepreneurial spirit who uses his or her talents to “make it to the top.”

Trump’s image as the head of a successful business empire contributed to his rise to the presidency. His supporters claimed his success in the real estate business would help restore America to its former golden age and “Make America Great Again.”

However, in his first year Trump has eroded the myth of American greatness.

Trump sold himself as the outsider savior who would use his talents to fix the deeply gridlocked Congress and push major legislation with ease. His image as a Washington outsider promoted this mentality.

From the beginning of his candidacy and into his young presidency, Trump has emphasized a return to policies that put “America First,” reinstating the imagery that propelled him to the presidency. This reluctance to go abroad and aide other nations is reminiscent of America’s early years, before WWI.

He has stumbled into a position of power and is inadequate to meet the demands of the job of the presidency. Trump’s White House has been plagued by leaks and a rotating cast of inefficient aides. His tweets are incendiary and brash, becoming frequent headlines that leave the rest of the country with wide eyes.

For instance, take his North Korean tweets, nicknaming leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, “Little Rocket Man,” using provocative language to provoke Jong-un.

The image that success equals greatness is beginning to crumble as the pressures of the Oval Office tear back Trump’s true colors. This has contributed to delegitimizing the idea of American greatness based on wealth and business success. His “success” as a businessman did not adequately transfer to the pressures of the highest office of the land.

Trump has instead fallen into his own pitfalls. He represents the embodiment of American excess instead of American greatness. He is impulsive, loudmouthed, arrogant, and difficult to manage.

Trump’s way of managing the executive office is not only inefficient, it leads to our reputation suffering overseas. The United States is no longer being seen as a global leader, and that could cause a shake up in alliances that diminishes our global standing in the world.

His low approval ratings means the rest of the country is waking up from their fever dream.

Trump has come to represent the stereotype of the ignorant American that the rest of the world hates about the United States; the American that is too emboldened in their own greatness and superiority, that refuses to see where they might be lacking skills or when to apologize for wrongdoing.

Opinion columnist Janet Miranda is a marketing junior and can be reached at [email protected]


  • This piece is pure excrement and is as bulbous as that schnoz of Janet Miranda.

    It’s obvious that “Little Janet Marketer” only reads and watches pure leftist material, and dare I say she has more respect for North Korea’s KJ Un … than she does her own President, Donald Trump, if she even claims him.

    In Little Janet’s book … Republicans are suppose to cower in the corner under the Jack Boot of Democrats. And in Little Janet’s universe everyone that she follows, because no one in their right mind will follow her; makes her vain attempt at being accepted by her leftist peers.

    Five will get you Ten that Little Janet doesn’t know that Kim Jong-Un “Little Rocket Man” was reaching out to Swamp Democrats and Republicans on how to deal with President Trump.

    Presidents usually show evidence of massive aging while in office. It showed with Obama for sure, and if Hillary had been elected she would have had to put an extra pound or two of make-up to filled in the canyons of her face.

    I haven’t seen any aging with Trump. He was already used to the pressure of being in charge. To me, he’s not aged a day. Trump uses tried-and-true techniques from the business world that he has used for decades, and it has flummoxed Democrats and Little Janet to no end.

    Only the most brain-dead of UH Dem drones would buy Little Janet’s offering today. All Little Janet does is just rehash CNN and MSNBC’s talking points; stuff that has been said a thousand times before.

    I actually feel sorry for Little Janet. She’s not been taught properly. See doesn’t look at the argument from both sides before coming to a decision. Her dribble today does not mention anything in relation to the great economic news, nor that Black and Hispanic unemployment are at record lows.

    Little Janet’s mention of her offense at Kim Jon-Un as being noted as Little Rocket Man by the President is laughable. At the SOTU Address, Trump singled-out one of one KJ Un’s subjects who was maimed after he fainted from lack of nourishment.

    Yes, in North Korea’s utopia; a society in which Little Janet cares so much for, and is so worried of Little Rocket Man, after Trump labeled him. People are starving, they have intestinal tapeworms because human feces is being used as farm fertilizer, and Little Janet thinks Trump is the bad guy.

    Look, Janet. It is time for you to grow up. Do you think I care about Donald Trump’s poll numbers? I don’t care. Really. But that’s what you look at. And no doubt you were crying on Election Night.

    I always look at internals when it comes to polls … and media does not tell you that Democrats are over-sampled in these polls in order to present the result they want. And of course you buy it as truth.

    The people know better … they can palpate the increasing pulse of the economy. The economy is going gangbusters Little Janet. Peoples 401(k)’s and IRA’s are growing, jobs are coming back; its stuff you dared not mention in your tripe today, because they are real events that are happening.

    And the rut of it is, in this robust economy; the current economic performance could not have happened under an Obama or Clinton administration constantly growing government.

    Even an admirer of yours, Vladimir Lenin, had to turn to Capitalism a time or two to save his people from starving, which KJ Un has no intention of doing. Well, I take that back, he sent 50,000 of his people to Russia and China to work and confiscate their paychecks so he can have some cash.

    So go ahead and admirer Socialism and Communism … because the aim of the Democrat Party, as it currently stands … North Korea is their end-game. The Democrats want us all the be treated equally and fair … they just don’t mention it’s bad side … shared misery.

    And if you do get your wish of another Democrat try, while the big guys like the Obama’s, Schumer’s, Pelosi’s, et al are all eating Kobe Beef. You Little Janet, a simple prole of the Democrats … make on occasion … get a double rice ration. I would have left to Poland by then.

  • “the myth of American greatness.” It’s fine that you believe American greatness is a myth. Conveniently you don’t express WHY you think that’s the case. I mean, our country did liberate Europe from socialism, build the automobile, take people to the moon, cure diseases, create the strongest market economy in the history of the world, provide many billions of dollars in aid to impoverished countries and give you the right to criticize your elected leadership…but what am I saying. Let’s keep talking about tweets. Keep something in mind, the headlines that get you all worked up…they are made to do that to keep you upset and keep you tuned in. If you close buzz feed for 20 minutes and check out what is really going on you might be surprised.

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