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Shipley Do-Nuts arrives on campus

Shipley donuts at student center south. By marissa reilly

You can purchase Shipley Do-Nuts from the convenient stores inside Student Center South and the University Lofts. | Marissa Reilly/The Cougar

Students with a sweet tooth have a new on-campus fix — Shipley Do-Nuts is supplying fresh doughnuts to the UH community in two different locations every morning, according to a UH news release.

The doughnuts, made fresh every day at the Houston chain’s Scott Street location and delivered weekdays between 8 and 9 a.m., are available in displays near the registers in the Market stores in the Student Center South and University Lofts, according to the news release.

“It tastes like a regular Shipley’s doughnut,” said public health junior Mia Elias.

Elias, who had just found the new stand in the Student Center South Market that morning, has been going to Shipley’s since she was little, she said.

Psychology sophomore Guadalupe Galera said it tasted just like the doughnuts she had been getting her whole life. 

“I used to go every other weekend when I was little,” Galera said. “My dad used to work really close to a Shipley’s, so every weekend he would take me and my brother.”

The bastion of sweet breakfast treats in Houston began its partnership with UH at the beginning of the spring semester, the news release said.

“It is part of UH Dining’s ongoing effort to expand its offerings to meet the challenges of catering to a wide and diverse student population with varying tastes,” the news release said.

The display in the Student Center South Market, which had a nearly depleted supply by 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, offered regular glazed doughnuts as well as frosted ones. The frosting varieties included white, pink and chocolate, and the display also had cream filled doughnuts and doughnut twists.

“It’s a very good step,” Elias said. “It’s very popular. It’s gonna bring a lot of revenue.”

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  • “It tastes like a regular Shipley’s doughnut,” said public health junior Mia Elias.
    Well why wouldn’t they??? They are made at Shipley’s across the street from the stadium! UH Dining will sell you anything as long as they get their cut.

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