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Cougar Village Drive section to close for construction

cougar village drive road closure

The red sections highlighted on Cougar Village Drive will be closed for Quadrangle construction from Entrance 6 to Entrance 13. Traffic will still be able to enter through Entrance 6 to access parking lots and the Cougar Villages. | © OpenStreetMap contributors

Cougar Village Drive from Cougar Woods to Entrance 6 by Cougar Village 2 will close Monday because of the new Quadrangle construction.

The section will remain closed until December 2019. Entrance 6 to the Cougar Villages and associated parking lots will be unaffected by the closure.

“Please use caution at sidewalks, roadways and intersections along Wheeler Avenue, Cougar Village Drive, and Entrance 6,” said communications manager of UH Facilities Services Jacquie Vargas. “Construction vehicles, vendor delivery, UH Facilities vehicles and emergency vehicles only will be allowed past contractor barricades.”

Sidewalks along Cougar Village Drive will re-route pedestrian traffic around the Quadrangle construction area.

“All parking lots in the area will remain open, but anyone parking in nearby lots, such as 8A, 9B and 9C should make note that some pedestrian paths near Cougar Village Drive have been rerouted,” an email sent to students about the closure read.

The Quadrangle replacement was approved in October 2016 and is expected to be complete in 2019. More than 1,200 beds will be housed in the new Quadrangle. The current Quadrangle is fenced off for planned demolition this month.

The Quadrangle replacement project budget is $97 million, according to the UH Facilities webpage.

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