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Women in leadership celebrate power of female students

The panel organized around issues facing women in honor of International Women’s Day and took on the sexualization of women in the workplace and career achievement. | Courtesy Kim-Briana Loraine

The Student Program Board hosted an event for International Women’s Day on Tuesday called Girls Rock, which featured several female student representatives in leadership positions who spoke regarding matters of female perception, the sexualization of women and women’s place within society. 

The event centered around an opening panel that featured six speakers. Among the student leaders was Student Government Association President Winni Zhang.

“Confidence is the biggest thing,” Zhang said of a study conducted that claimed women feel underqualified for a position in which they are well qualified. “I wish that women would go for it. If there’s a job application… just go for it.”

One of the main topics the panel discussed was the sexualization of women in the form of dress code bias and the issues regarding breastfeeding in public.

The students argued that the codes implemented during high school and in the workplace are more targeted toward women based on perceptions such as the way they dress and how much skin they show.

“Women’s appearance in the workplace actually is questioned quite a lot,” said SGA Sen. Kim-Briana Loraine. “A lot of research has been done about workplace dress codes, and a lot of dress codes are actually targeted towards women.”

Another topic of discussion involved what each woman might do if they could change something about society. One thing that resonated among them was the idea of women supporting each other more and gaining the courage to try for positions they may not be sure about.

Following the panel, performances were given by students who went through an audition process, like a poetry recital from art freshman Taylor Ellis. In addition, Wonder Woman was shown to the audience.

The event came with a message that SPB hoped would resonate with its female audience.

The process for the event began long before Girls Rock came to be because these issues are always front of mind for women in today’s society, said comedy and speakers chair Chiamaka Chukwu.

“Women are capable of anything,” Chukwu said. “Our role in society has greatly changed from what it was when our parents were children, and it will continue to evolve.”

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