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Houston’s best study-friendly late-night coffee spots

Next to midterms, finals week is one of the best opportunities to find the coffee house that satisfies your study and caffeine, and maybe alcohol, needs. But on campus hangouts like The Nook are Starbucks don’t always provide the most conducive study environments. | Corbin Ayres/The Cougar

While the MD Anderson Library transitions to a 24-hour schedule for finals week, sometimes the best study sessions require coffee and a change of scenery.

Houston is packed with great coffee shops, and some of the best the city has to offer are less than 10 miles from UH. The Nook may be the closest crowd favorite, but finals week is the perfect time to venture out and explore new menus.

Here are five nearby coffee houses open until at least 10 p.m. to satisfy your caffeine needs.

Retrospect Coffee Bar

Located just 7 minutes from UH, Retrospect offers abundant outdoor seating, unique snacks and a full espresso menu. | Corbin Ayres/The Cougar

If you prefer outdoor seating, Retrospect is the spot for you. This coffee bar packs good food and an even better cappuccino, with abundant shaded outdoor seating to host your all-day cram sessions. Retrospect is open until 8 p.m. Sunday – Tuesday and until 10 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday.

Location: 3709 La Branch St. Houston, TX 77004

Distance from UH: 2.1 miles or 7 minutes

Antidote Coffee

So, maybe you’re at the point in finals week when a glass of wine or pint of beer might better serve you than a drip coffee — fear not, because Antidote has you covered. Open until midnight daily, Antidote serves up a selection of beer, wine and espresso drinks, including the crowd-favorite cajeta latte.

Location: 729 Studewood St. Houston, TX 77007

Distance from UH: 6.3 miles or 10 minutes


If you’ve been at UH for more than one semester, you have probably been to — or at least heard of — Agora. The two-story Greek-themed coffee house is one of Houston’s most popular spots for a late-night caffeine fix and boasts a full espresso menu and abundant seating, but get there early if you’re settling in for a major study session because those tables go fast.

Agora is open until 2 a.m. daily.

Location: 1712 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77098

Distance from UH: 6.3 miles or 12 minutes

Black Hole Coffee House

Black Hole is outfitted with both indoor and outdoor seating, including couches, armchairs and tables, and a full service kitchen. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable shop where you can relax with a good meal, look no further. Black Hole is open until midnight every day, but get there early because weekend seating goes fast.

Location: 4504 Graustark St. Houston, TX 77006

Distance from UH: 3.3 miles or 13 minutes

Inversion Coffee & Art

Described on the business’ website as a place where coffee, art and community meet, Inversion has been a staple in Houston’s coffee scene for more than 10 years. Come for the coffee, but stay for the local art. Inversion is open until 10 p.m. daily.

Location: 1953 Montrose Blvd. Suite A Houston, TX 77006

Distance from UH: 4 miles or 16 minutes

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