Special Section Spring Finals Edition

Where do you go when the library is not cutting it?

Finding the ideal study spot, a calm and conducive environment, is key to coping with the familiar stress of finals season and the accompanying urge to procrastinate.

We all know the overflowing second and third floors of the MD Anderson Library and the overcrowded hordes of hipsters in The Nook cannot be trusted when some serious cramming needs to be done. Here are some go-to low-key study spots.

The Starbucks on the second floor of Leroy & Lucile Melcher Hall is the perfect place to get some real studying done. The spot is nestled between a computer lab that occupies the attention of the frazzled Bauer students and a well hidden staircase to the second floor.

Complete with great Wi-Fi connection and quick access to coffee, this is a phenomenal and well-stashed gem for those in need of an A.

The access to windows and natural light in Cougar Grounds provides morale for students trooping through the rigors of finals season. | Michael Slaten/The Cougar

Cougar Grounds is the well-known addition to the Hilton on campus. But while the cozy coffee shop has caffeine and usually plays chill music, it’s typically overrun with interviews, organization meetings and awkward dates.

That’s why few notice the sofas, tables and electrical outlets for our expansive assortment of chargers. This perfect location is hidden behind the stereotypical hub of study sessions.

Few of us wander over to the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, but if you can brave the trek, the architecture library is perfect to hide away and get some cramming done. It’s quiet, and the calming ambiance and classy marble floors make you feel the perfect level of boujie to buckle down and get some work done.

Student Centers North and South are typically overrun by the sound of students grabbing a snack or catching up. This is a great spot to hang out, but don’t expect anything productive to happen here.

But the basement and second floor of the SC South are hidden gems with everything you need for a quick study session, from microwaves to warm up relaxing tea or motivating leftovers to sofas for a quick break when you’ve been going hard for too long. There’s also a variety of sofas throughout the second floor making it easy to camp out and hide out.

The Student Centers are open late, too, so no worries about getting kicked out.

Finding the best study spot is more of a personal adventure than anything else. While I love tons of white noise in the background and am motivated by the presence of others, many would find that distracting. UH has plenty of spots that cater to different types of students, so go out and claim one as your own.

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