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Look to these study resources for last minute help

Quizlet has more than 249 million study sets, including flashcards for multiple subjects and interactive diagrams. | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

For those of us who skipped one too many classes, can’t read our hastily scribbled lecture notes or just need some extra help getting the material through our exhausted brains, there are numerous quick and easy resources at our fingertips.

Quizlet, CrashCourse YouTube videos and Memorize.com are all extra tools that can help struggling students lock down the key concepts they will be tested over in the days to come.

Perhaps the most well-known of the three, Quizlet is an online tool that uses flashcards to help students study. These flashcards can be made by teachers or students can create their own to quiz themselves. The latter is recommended, as the more you write out the questions and answers yourself rather than just reading them the better the concepts will stick, according to Lifehack.org.

If you’re on a time crunch, a faster strategy is to search the name of your class and find flashcards created by your fellow students enrolled in the same courses at UH or other universities.

This site has also introduced interactive diagrams complete with definitions, pictures and locations. Students can make these custom diagrams and study them by playing games and doing activities. According to their website, Quizlet has more than 249 million study sets.

Best-selling author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, teams up with his brother Hank to create CrashCourse videos on YouTube. In humorous 10 to 15 minute episodes, these brothers give overviews of subjects from literature, history, science and even psychology.

Their YouTube channel has conveniently organized playlists for each subject, now including computer science, mythology statistics and more.

At Memorize.com, students can study their concepts in three different ways: flashcards, matching and multiple choice questions. The modes have varying levels of difficulty to help students effectively memorize those hard-to-remember definitions and terms. You can create your own pages or use pre-made interactive learning tools, and badges are awarded while you learn.

Whether you’re desperate to find a way to use someone else’s notes or you simply want a different way to study for finals this semester, these quick and reliable online tools will ensure you get some last-minute solid information locked in for the dreaded exam day.

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