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Swipe or no swiping: tips for Tinder

| Fiona Legesse/The Cougar

Anyone who has used the app probably has a Tinder horror story — here’s how to get the most from your swipes and avoid those more awkward encounters.

Swipe right to like, left to pass and up to Super Like. It’s a match if both parties like each other’s profiles, and they can then use the app to message back and forth.

When making a Tinder, you start with your personal info such as your name, school, sexual preference, age range and radius of your potential matches. Once that’s set up, you move onto uploading pictures and making a bio.

Bios should be unique and explain who you are and what you like to do. Maybe ask a question in your bio to generate a response from potential matches to start a conversation.

A bio is basically your first impression. They should be unique and explain who you are and what you like to do — maybe ask a question that can start conversations with potential matches. One way to stand out is by putting something interesting in your bio. Matches should get a general idea of your personality and interests.

Photos are also another way to stand out and get more matches. Creativity and animal pictures are usually key to make sure you get that right swipe. Another interesting aspect is that you can link your Spotify as well, so you are able to share your tastes and maybe even find a concert buddy.

Every element from your bio to pictures is important to generating as many accurate matches as possible.

Tinder is an online app, so it’s much more impersonal than approaching a stranger outside. Instead, you’re behind a screen. Some may find this more comforting than having to deal with the anxiety of in-person immediate contact.

But with the ease and reduced pressure of online dating comes the need for safety precautions.

Many people, but sadly not all, consider the dangers associated with talking to strangers online. When matching with someone and starting a conversation, it’s important to avoid giving out too much personal information, such as a phone number, address or even where you work.

With technology, you never know who you’re talking to, so it is always better to err on the side of caution.

On the other hand, some think it’s perfectly safe and can help people improve their social skills. According to Psychology Today, “Tinder comes in handy when wanting to improve flirting and social skills. They feel like the application provides a safer environment for initiating the first contact, as these interactions usually happen online.”

Whether it’s Tinder or any other dating site, users should be themselves. In other words, don’t be a catfish.

Include funny or memorable bios with pictures that best showcase you and why they should swipe right. Just make sure to proceed with caution, and remember that not everyone is who they seem.

Tinder is a fun and a creative way to meet someone new, and with more than 40 percent of Americans using online dating sites and apps, you’ll be sure to find someone.

“Tinder is a successful route if it’s in your comfort zone. I have a friend who met her boyfriend through tinder and they’ve been dating for three years,” said broadcast journalism junior Kayla Vittori.

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