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Sexual Violence Prevention and Education program is here to help

Students can visit the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center to stay informed on Sexual Violence Prevention and Education programs. I Courtesy of Brian Reading

When coming to college, students are exposed to many different types of relationships, whether platonic or sexual. Becoming educated and open about these relationships is vital to having successful and safe interactions with others.

The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center provides specific services through the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education program. The CRWC’s mission is to make sure every student feels comfortable in their relationships.

By having workshops, trainings, classes, events, outreach programs, one-on-ones and many more, the CRWC is dedicated to the sexual safety of students. Topics touched on range from consent and setting boundaries, to sexual health.

The programs are more focused on answering questions and talking about navigating situations and relationships. If students feel like they need to seek counseling, however, then the CRWC can also give referrals to other resources.

Each October, the CRWC holds Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Some of the projects include These Hands Don’t Hurt, where students pledge to not use their hands for violence, as well as The Clothesline Project, which allows survivors to decorate shirts in a way that shares their story and experience.

Within those events, the CRWC facilitates different projects working with survivors to help them contribute to the dialogue.

In addition, it holds Sexual Assault Awareness Month every April, when the center provides similar programs, talks and projects. The center partners with many other departments, such as the Women and Gender Resource Center, to do resource fairs, art galleries and panels.

“We try and assure that all of our programming, especially sexual health, can appeal to a variety of audiences. We want anyone, from wanting to wait until marriage or someone that wants to have one-night stands, to be influenced by them,” said Assistant Director for Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Anneliese Bustillo. “We want to make sure that no one feels like they are making the wrong decision, and the decision that is right for you, is right for you.”

If students feel as if they are unable to find someone to talk to or do not feel comfortable, the center is here for them to break down those walls and become vulnerable. It is important to the CRWC to remember individuals are in control of their own bodies and are entitled to do and think as they choose.

“What can we do to empower individuals?” Bustillo asked. “We really try to break down the taboo around sexual health and start from the very beginning to become comfortable with using certain words and asking certain questions. We like to emphasize that there are always new things developing and new things happening, so it’s important for us to stay informed.”

College can be a confusing time when students tend to question if they are comfortable with certain situations or are not sure how to stay safe.

To make sure you stay informed and educated, visit the Wellness Center staff in Suite 1038 of the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Students can also visit and choose either the service tab or the presentation tab to request these services.

All services are free and open to University of Houston students.

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