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BREAKING: College of Medicine location selected

The UH System Board of Regents approved at 2 p.m. Thursday a plot of land near MacGregor Park as the future location of the College of Medicine, which will open Fall 2020 in the Human and Biomedical Sciences II building with a 30-student inaugural class.

There are two location options on the forty-three acres of University-owned land in MacGregor, according to an email from Director of Media Relations Chris Stipes. Each option to house the 150,000 square-foot, four-story building would cost approximately $65 million.

Locations downtown, within the Texas Medical Center, on campus and within Energy Research Park were also considered for the College, according to the presentation.

With factors such as state appropriations, teaching costs and a comparison with other Texas medical schools taken into consideration, tuition for the college was approved at $23,755 per academic term, including a $100 College of Medicine Malpractice and Long-term Disability fee.

Thanks to a $3 million July donation, however, four-year tuition is paid in full for the College’s first class.

The College of Medicine is expected to reside in UH’s Human and Biomedical Sciences II building following its Fall 2020 opening, before moving to a permanent location. | Courtesy of UH Media Relations

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