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Can full moons really affect me?

Full moons can effect people physically, emotionally and spiritually. l Illustration by Fiona Legesse/ The Cougar

The lunar eclipse of 2019, now known as the Super Wolf Blood Moon, was a great way to start the new year. From both a scientific and social perspective, this event left the public speechless as it lit up the night.

During December of last year, it was reported that North America, South America and Western Europe would get to see the lunar eclipse in the new year. It gained a lot of attention from both astronomy and astrology fans alike and was extensively covered by media and blog sites as a once-in-a-lifetime event.

This isn’t necessarily true, however, as NASA released a list of the next blood moons to be visible within the next 10 years. For North America, South America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, May 26, 2021 will be the next time one will occur. Still, the moon looked beautiful Jan. 20, and many people believe it had a significant influence on their lives. 

While the blood moon is one of the more powerful full moons, full moons in general can have great effects on our lives. During the full and new moon periods, the whole moon’s gravitational pull is pulling on Earth, creating heightened pressure. As many of us know, water is attracted by the moon, but during the phase of a full moon, the gaseous elements of water, or water vapor, enter the high-pressure belt. 

It is said that negative energies are found in these gaseous states, so when the pressure is heightened within these gaseous elements, the energies associated with them are also heightened. For some, it can have an effect on both a physical and mental level, but it depends on the person.

The blood moon fell on the Leo-Aquarius axis, which is thought to be the perfect axis to make your creative energies flow, according to astrology. These two signs compliment each other in areas of creativity within yourself, and they work together to increase your confidence, allowing you to become more open about your work.

The full moon is known to have great influence on the soul, giving you courage and helping you with whatever conflict you may be experiencing, said astrologer Victor Oddo in an interview with Sunday Express.

In addition to having an effect on your soul, the moon can also have a great effect on your thoughts. In astrology, the moon is thought to emit frequencies that can have an effect on the subconscious mind.

Usually, since the moon is not in its full position, it doesn’t draw out many thoughts that would come from your subconscious mind. The full moon, however, emits stronger frequencies, drawing out more subconscious thoughts that can make you emotional.

Socially, a full moon can cause you to be more forthcoming about your emotions, and that can cause you to tell others about how you are feeling. This can cause conflicts, as many secrets and feelings that you may have hidden emerge during this time.

Just like you are more prone to telling others about how you’re feeling, their feelings are also heightened by the moon. During full moons, be prepared for people to come forth about how they feel about you or a conflict involving you.

Although it may seem as if you are not yourself during the full moon, none of the feelings you experience are fabricated. They are your own thoughts, just the ones you would usually push to the back of your mind or just not admit to yourself.

Astrology aside, the blood moon was an amazing event to witness. If you missed it, make sure to mark your calendars for May 2021.

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