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Chicago’s Campdogzz set to play at White Oak with Cursive

The Chicago rock band, Campdogzz, will be coming to White Oak Music hall this Sunday. Join them to rock out! I Courtesy of Campdogzz

Chicago’s Campdogzz is set to open up for Cursive in celebration of their most recent album “In Rounds,” which came out in early August. The album was released on the Cursive-owned label, 15 Passenger Records, and ever since has been a hit with outlets such as Under the Radar, Pop Matters, The Alternative, Chicago Reader and more.

The indie-rock group consists of lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Jess Price, guitarist and backup vocalist Mike Russell, guitarist Nick Enderle, bass player Andrew Rolfsen and drummer Chris Dye. 

After forming in 2014, the band self-released their first album “Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven” in 2015 and recorded with Audiotree Live in 2017 for the first season of the amazing Netflix series “Easy.” They have toured with Cursive, Meat Wave and Field Report and have opened up for Big Thief, Sam Evian, and Ohmme.

The groups portrays the “bleak yet spirited heart of the industrial Midwest in a five-piece band propelled by driving rhythms, insistent dual guitars set in intriguing arrangements and the haunting, evocative songs,” Campdogzz said.

While the group is still fairly new, they have covered a ton of ground, literally. As their most recent album “In Rounds” was in the making, Russell and Price took a post-tour break to travel the southwest in a school bus that served as their band van at the time. At this time, during the break between albums, each member experienced dramatic shifts in life that led to “In Rounds.”

The album is a tangible reflection of that period, as they all experienced growth.

Campdogzz was a new find for me, but man am I glad I discovered them. There is something folky and soulful about the group that leaves one with a joint feeling of haunting and comfort. The juxtaposition of the rough guitar rifts and Prices’s lines of love makes the songs feel properly balanced.

The group will be performing with Cursive here in Houston at White Oak Music Hall on Feb. 10. Doors open at 7 p.m. so make sure to get there early and catch a glimpse of the up-and-coming Campdogzz. To purchase tickets, please visit here.

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