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Allison Lawrence hopes to bring her SGA experience to presidency

Lawrence has a wealth of experience within SGA and has accomplished many initiatives that have helped students. | Photo courtesy of Allison Lawrence

Allison Lawrence has spent the last semester shadowing the current Student Government Association president — the position she hopes to have next year.

Lawrence, a political science junior and the current chief of staff for SGA, said her experience over the last year and the relationships she has built with UH administration officials during that time make her a strong SGA presidential candidate.

“I understand the way the University and the administration works because I’ve been working in it for the last year,” said Lawrence, who is running to be the SGA president with the Students Unite party.

One specific initiative Lawrence hopes to accomplish in the 2019-2020 school year is the raising of the minimum wage on campus from $7.47 to $9 an hour, and she said she’s been working toward that goal with UH Administration and Finance.

“They support this initiative and have been helping us make a timeline for when we will actually see the implementation of this,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said she also has had meetings with the associate director of the Health Center about allowing students to use third-party insurance to pay for services at the Health Center. Currently, the only options for payment are a student insurance plan and paying out of pocket.

“(The Health Center) has been really open with me about their policies and steps that it would take to get third-party insurance at the Health Center,” Lawrence said.

Other goals for the Students Unite campaign are increasing awareness and discussions about Title IX within SGA and establishing a Green Fund for environmental sustainability initiatives on campus, Lawrence said.

Students Unite has been working on a website and also has social media where students can find out more about Lawrence’s campaign, she said.

Lawrence said much of her prep-work for the presidential debate Feb. 20 has been simply talking to students across campus.

“I’ve learned so much by just talking to students and figuring out what are their concerns on campus,” Lawrence said. “I think it gives you the best insight.”

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