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SGA Presidential Candidate Column: Moiz Syed of Coogs Unite

Syed has been a Senator in SGA for a year and has been involved in a variety of bills and events geared towatd communication. | Photo courtesy of Moiz Syed

I started out as an emerging leader in student government. It was during my time as an emerging leader that I wanted to focus on communication because that is the first step in representing the students.

This continued during my time as a senator, in which I played an active role in the implementation of the CLASS Career Fair alongside the CLASS ambassadors and University Career Services.

Throughout my time as Senator, I have tried to pass the town hall bill, which unfortunately didn’t end up passing. The bill would ensure that the senators are implementing town halls in order to effectively represent the students, and I hope to bring this up again as president.

Furthermore, I co-authored the Committee Transparency Act. This was a bill to make committee members public to the students so that if they had any specific questions regarding a certain committee, it would make it easier for the students to get involved and express their concerns or praise with committee members directly. Communication has been the prime focus in plenty of my bills and my attitude.

Right now, I plan on running as president and making sure that students are successful around campus and making sure that the senators are accountable for their actions because, in the end, it is all about helping the students in everything that can be done.

I want a student government that represents the students to the best of its abilities and grants them as many opportunities as possible, and that is why I have placed so much trust in my senators and my VP. It was disappointing to me that we tend to flaunt the name of Student Government senator, but in reality, we are not truly representing many students to prove this. You can look over the voting results where roughly 9 percent of campus voted.

Now, this could be because of two reasons. First, not many students have adequate knowledge about the student government. Second, many students have lost their trust in student government. That is what my party is here to change, to represent the students and make sure we can make positive change for them.

We are here to help the students as much as possible. That is why we represent Coogs Unite, so we can stand together united in the face of struggle, because students matter.

Moiz Syed is a political science and marketing sophomore and is running for SGA president on the Coogs Unite ticket. Find out more about his campaign and goals by visiting the Coogs Unite Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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