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BREAKING: Students Unite’s Allison Lawrence wins SGA presidency

Students Unite’s Allison Lawrence and Maysarah Kazia will take office as SGA president and vice president, respectively, at the beginning of April. | Corbin Ayres/The Cougar


Allison Lawrence and Maysarah Kazia of Students Unite were announced president-elect and vice president-elect Thursday evening in the Student Center North Lounge as the 2019 Student Government Association election came to a close.

The duo ran alongside current SGA President Cameron Barrett, who also secured a Graduate Senator-At-Large seat for the 56th Administration. Their victory marks the first successful female-female SGA ticket since 1975.

“It was a really long seven months,” Lawrence said after the announcement. “I’m really excited to get started on my initiatives.”

The Students Unite platform centered on increasing the minimum on-campus wage for students and bringing third-party health insurance acceptance to the UH Student Health Center, in addition to other initiatives. In total, Students Unite secured 21 of the 36 Senate seats that were up for grabs.

“We worked incredibly hard and I’m proud of everyone on the campaign,” said Kazia. “The best moments of this campaign were getting to work with everyone and push through the tough times.”

Lawrence, who currently serves as chief of staff for the 55th Administration under Barrett, was up against political science junior Claude Johnson of EVERY COOG and current CLASS Sen. Moiz Syed of Coogs Unite for the presidency.

Syed was in Baltimore at the time the results were announced, but his vice-presidential candidate Nader Irsan was present.

“It’s definitely been a learning experience but, like I said in the debate, each candidate running has a good vision for the University of Houston — we just have different visions of how to reach that goal,” Irsan said.

Syed declined to comment on the results.

While Johnson lost the presidency, all Senate candidates from his party secured their seats.

Additionally, independent candidate Francisco Garza secured a Graduate Senator-At-Large Senate seat.

The Graduate Student Bill of Rights passed in the election with 98 percent of students voting in favor of the legislation. The new version of the SGA Constitution was also ratified, with 94 percent of students in favor.

“I’m very proud of all the candidates and everyone worked especially hard, though I’m relieved that it’s over,” said SGA Election Commissioner Bo Harricharran.

Graduate Senator-At-Large

Cameron Barrett — Students Unite

Francisco Garza — Independent

Undergraduate Senator-At-Large

Ed Gonzales — Students Unite

Elizabeth Pham — Students Unite

Leonard Chambers — Coogs Unite

Kaden Lewis — EVERY COOG

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design

Nathaniel Waller — Coogs Unite

C.T. Bauer College of Business

Daniella Ramos — Students Unite

Katherine Doan — Students Unite

Saida Adaya — Students Unite

Jack Morgan — Coogs Unite

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Aidan Potts — Students Unite

Alex Do — Students Unite

Wasiq Javed — Students Unite

Paulina Saybe — Students Unite

Franciso Fuentes — Students Unite

Ashlee Dulaney — Coogs Unite

Lexus Simmons — EVERY COOG

College of Education

Vi Pham — Students Unite

Queen Epomba — EVERY COOG

Cullen College of Engineering

Quang Vo — Students Unite

Mikaylee Strohm — Students Unite

Alex Garcia — Coogs Unite

Honors College

Chirag Mistry — Students Unite

Gibby Badillo — Coogs Unite

UH Law Center

Alexys Mathis — Coogs Unite

College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Christina Dias — Students Unite

Chiamaka Chukwu — Students Unite

Aneesha Krothapalli — Coogs Unite

Jasmine Khademakbari — Coogs Unite

College of Technology

Bethany Jackson-Price — Students Unite

Christopher Lamonte — Students Unite

Alexander Duvall — Coogs Unite

Travis James Sorce — Coogs Unite

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Jules Vicklund — Students Unite

Graduate College of Social Work

Emily Joslin — Students Unite

This story will be updated when official voting data and turnout is made public by the Election Commission.

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