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Lot o’ latte: Different options on campus for coffee

Any student on campus who likes coffee will have an opinion on the best place to get a cup. One popular choice is Cougar Grounds. | Trevor Nolley/The Cougar

There are five options on campus for students looking to get a quick caffeine fix between classes. Whether students are looking for ambiance, low cost, or a location only a short walk away, these establishments offer a wide variety of options.

The on-campus coffee options are Shasta’s, Einstein Bros. Bagels, The Nook, Starbucks and Cougar Grounds. Varying in location and in price, each spot offers qualities that appeal to different students.


“The only place I go for coffee is Shasta’s,” said business junior David Blanco. He said he likes the convenience of Shasta’s—which is located in Student Center South— as well as the employees.

This ice cream parlor serves more than just ice cream scoops, featuring a drinks menu that includes a variety of coffee and espresso beverages. A medium-sized latte costs $3.25 without any modifications.

The Nook

“My favorite coffee on campus is The Nook,” said biology junior Kimberly Cadmus. “I like the coffee they have, and you get free refills.”

The Nook is a coffee shop located in the strip center near the Lofts apartments. The establishment is technically not on UH property, so they do not accept Cougar Cash. In addition to being able to choose from a variety of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, customers can also play one of the available board games, read a book from their library and buy art.

Medium-sized lattes at The Nook are $3.95.

“I like the atmosphere of The Nook, but it’s kind of a long walk,” said education freshman Kiley Hansen.


While Hansen likes the ambiance of The Nook, she most often chooses to go to the Starbucks in Student Center South, she said.  

“The Starbucks is closer to my dorm than the other places,” Hansen said. “It usually only takes me five minutes to get my coffee.”

There are three Starbucks locations around campus. There is one in the basement of Student Center South, another in the Student Center Satellite and a smaller one located on the second floor of Lucie and Leroy Melcher Hall. Students have the perk of using Cougar Cash at all of three Starbucks locations, and a medium-sized latte costs $3.65.

Cougar Grounds

In contrast to Starbucks and The Nook, Cougar Grounds is a student-run coffee shop that uses a manual machine.

“Honestly, I work here because we have good coffee here,” said barista Damaris DeLeon.

Cougar Grounds is known for having homemade recipes and being one of the cheaper on-campus coffee options, with a medium-sized latte priced at $3.55, DeLeon said.

Cougar Grounds is located within the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management on the first floor. While it is run by students, it does not accept Cougar Cash.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

For those looking to get coffee near the middle of campus or to pay with Cougar Cash, the Einstein Bros. Bagels located on the first floor of Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall is the place to go.

Einstein’s has partnered with Caribou Coffee to serve their most popular recipes, with a plain medium-sized latte coming in at $4.54.

“I think Einstein’s is probably the best place to get coffee on campus,” said mechanical engineering sophomore Lindsey Muscara. “Their coffee is rich in flavor, and it’s right next to the bus stop.”

The coffee shops on campus offer a variety of styles, prices and locations that provide unique offerings to meet the needs of all types of coffee drinkers on campus.

“As someone who’s been into coffee my whole life, I feel blessed to be surrounded by it every day,” DeLeon said.

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