Best follows around campus for UH athletics fans

Social media is key for incoming UH athletics fans. | Trevor Nolley/The Cougar

Social media is key for incoming UH athletics fans. | Trevor Nolley/The Cougar

With the soccer team’s Aug. 11 kickoff against Houston Baptist just a few weeks away, Houston’s athletic year is right around the corner.

That means football, soccer, basketball and the rest of UH athletics will soon be in full swing

Houston has 15 different athletic programs on campus and keeping up with all of them can be overwhelming for somebody who is new to university life and the world of college sports.

From head coaches to mascots, here are the best social media accounts to follow to keep up with UH athletics and have a few laughs on the way:

Dana Holgorsen – @HolgorsenDana

One of the most popular accounts on campus, football head coach Dana Holgorsen boasts over 117,000 followers on his Twitter page. Holgorsen, who is set to go into his first year as the head of the program after seven years at West Virginia, regularly posts updates on the team and pictures of coaches hanging out with players.

At the beginning of July, Holgorsen posted a photo of defensive coordinator Joe Cauthen bonding with the linebackers at a backyard pool.

Holgorsen also has a knack for posting unintentionally odd photos of himself such as one of him donning a cowboy hat while riding a horse at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Renu Khator – @UHPres

Even though UH president Renu Khator’s Twitter is not 100 percent dedicated to athletics, she has become quite a sports fan in recent years given the success some of the programs have had. 

It is not unusual to see her posting pictures and scores from the big sporting events she attends around campus or her dog Ruby, a stray that was found at the University who she adopted, decked out in UH gear ahead of games.

Shasta & Sasha – @UHMascots

If you are a fan of laughs and sports, Shasta & Sasha is the account to follow.

It’s clear Shasta & Sasha know how to run a Twitter account. 

One of its more popular posts poked fun at incoming freshman and their school spirit and garnered over 40,000 views.

Shasta & Shasta is constantly pumping out memes about sports and UH in general.

And the best part? They are actually funny, and Shasta and Sasha do not try too hard to make them that way.

The Cougar Sports – @TheCougarSports

Last but not least, be sure to follow The Cougar’s sports account on Twitter and Facebook and check us out on our website, This may seem like a shameless plug, but The Cougar’s sports section prides itself in offering top-tier coverage of the University’s sports teams.

The Cougar uploads to social media and our website daily and releases a print edition that can be found all over campus every Wednesday during the academic year.

We cover most athletics events around campus and even some off campus, including the men’s basketball team’s run to the Sweet Sixteen in the 2019 NCAA Tournament and the football team’s bowl games.

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