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Intramural sports add ‘value to college experience’

Intramural sports can have a positive impact on those wishing to compete in organized athletics. | Courtesy of UH Rec

Intramural sports can have a positive impact on those wishing to compete in organized athletics. | Courtesy of UH Rec

Houston has taken on a crusade to become a national powerhouse in athletics.

It seems every sport represented at UH is making efforts to become a factor at the national level. However, UH has a population of athletes that do not participate in varsity sports. These are the UH’s intramural athletes.

Intramural sports at Houston have become a non-conventional option for students to experience organized team athletics without having to be a Division-I athlete.

With over 10 leagues and 20 sports clubs, athletes have plenty of options to get involved.

Despite the extra time commitment, the players that participate seem to have positive experiences, and many returns to play for multiple seasons.

For many players, intramural sports are another valuable part of their overall experience in college. It serves an opportunity to play a sport they enjoyed in a monitored and organized environment.

“It definitely did add value to my college experience,” said former intramural basketball player Tim Claycomb, “its made it a lot more fun and was kind stress reliever.”

Players of all skill levels participate in the leagues, from the most experienced players to athletes picking up the sport for the first time.

In any case, they are offered an opportunity to try a sport they might not have tried otherwise and gain a new appreciation for the skills they develop.

“I had never played soccer until I joined my friends’ indoor soccer team,” said former intramural athlete Damon Whaley. “Now, I love playing soccer.”

Not only can players add to their sports resume, but they can experience the camaraderie that comes with playing organized sports.

Teamwork and cooperation are main themes and lessons that can be learned from participating in intramural sports.

The players create new friendship and become closer with friends that they already have.

“Some advice I would give is to find is to find a group of close friends to play with so it’s all just all-around fun,” Claycomb said. 

People who have never had a chance to play organized sports gain the ability to sign up for any of the sports offered by the Department of Campus Recreation.

They can grow as people and as athletes, stay fit and connect with others in a competitive outlet.

Because of this, intramural sports on campus have been thriving, and so have the athletes that play a part.

“I have really enjoyed playing intramural,” Whaley said, “It gave me a way to be competitive and active with my friends, and I made some great memories.”

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