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New plaza near E. Cullen in the works

Two bills that went up for a vote Wednesday night, both passed, the Stop the Bleed Kits | Lino Sandil/The Cougar new plaza

A new plaza between near Ezekiel W. Cullen and Student Service 1 building was presented on Wednesday to the Senate. | Lino Sandil/The Cougar

Students might have a new place to study or relax, with a redesigned plaza near Ezekiel W. Cullen and Student Service 1 building in the planning stages.

Guest speaker Jim Taylor, a University architect, presented at a Wednesday SGA meeting a possible new plaza for students and faculty. The possible plaza would provide students seating, shade, a water feature and lights.

“I really like this idea,” said College of Business senator Jack Morgan. “I walk past this area twice to three times a day.”

Outside of that, the second Student Government Association Senate meeting of the semester included eleven new committee and senate appointments and two bills were passed, one of which aims to better inform senators on the appointments they vote on.

“The Appointment Transparency” Act passed, which aims to better inform the people and senators voting for election and appointment candidates of their background and their resumes to ensure transparency as to why they were selected.

“The senate will be presented with a full list of staff, including all of the stipend, compensated positions,” said College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics senator Jasmine Khademakbari. 

“The Stop the Bleed Kits” act also passed Wednesday will make it that a kit, which will include a tourniquet, trauma sheers, gauze and bandages that will quell bleeding, will be installed outside of every automated external defibrillator on campus.


As far as the appointments went, the senators were swift — passing motions and appointing all eleven appointees back-to-back. This included their own Speaker of the Senate Alexandre Do.

He applied and obtained positions on the Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee, Campus Recreation Advisory Board, and Bookstore Advisory Committee.

Associate justice for the SGA Supreme Court Elliot Kauffman was reappointed to the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee after a dispute between Undergraduate at Large Sen. Tomas Bryan and other members.

“Considering that prices increased this past academic year, I don’t remember much of the conversations that took place, that really leads me to believe that he should not be back on this committee,” Bryan said.

Vice President Maysarah Kazia disagreed with Bryan’s stance, vouching for Kauffman’s appointment.

“I’m sorry about your experience, but I think you should also keep in mind how he knows the University better than most people do,” Kazia said.

In other appointments, a fresh face was introduced to two different board positions. Political science and economics freshman Matthew Lair was appointed to both Student Housing and Residential Life Advisory Committee and Activities Funding Board. 

College of Education Sen. Queen Epomba raised doubt of Lair’s ability to handle the position due to his inexperience and freshman standing.

“Diamonds are made under pressure,” said Sen. Alexander Duvall in defense of Lair. “He is a considerably good person, and honestly, he’s going to do everything that he can to fulfill his position.”

Lair said he was interested in learning more about student housing and participate.

“The best way to learn about those things is to learn by doing,” Lair said. 

Two new senate members were appointed, Randolph Campbell and Aylin Rodriguez, both representing the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Campbell and Rodriguez have served as SGA board members in the past. 

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