Letter from the editor: Still chugging 85 years on

The Cougar is celebrating, but it’s not slowing down.

This issue pays homage to the first edition of The Cougar published in its current iteration 85 years ago on Oct. 5. I often wonder how different it was being a part of the newspaper then.

Some of the stories covered then are happening today. “Officials Claim Big Enrollment is Encouraging” reads one headline from back then. In this issue, University officials express satisfaction that this year’s freshman class is the largest to date. Wherever the University is headed, The Cougar is going that same way to let the rest of the community know.

While the current crop of journalists here have been a part of the newspaper for only a small portion of The Cougar’s time, we have immense respect for the history of the oldest organization on campus. What would we not know today about the University’s history if The Cougar hadn’t written about it?

Over the years, however, The Cougar has had to adapt or die.

When the paper could no longer sustain printing daily, it became weekly. The day when The Cougar can no longer support a print product is not far off. It’s inevitable for the industry as a whole.

The print edition might die with a whimper, or there might be mass outcry from the University community.

Either way, it’ll all be OK. The Cougar will still be here. UH students who care about this campus as much as anyone will still be working here.

The miracle of a new group of students coming in every year energized to cover the University has never stopped. Students value this campus. Students want to tell its stories, big or small.

Not every university newspaper has as much support as The Cougar does. We’re lucky and grateful to be valued by the community.

This edition of The Cougar won’t matter in 10 years, save someone researching the University or a specific issue. What will matter is The Cougar will be there for the University, to tell its stories and ask for it to aim higher.

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