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Organization offers free movie screenings on campus

Jiselle Santos/The Cougar

The University has many activities and organizations on campus, but one hosts free student movie nights with flicks that may still be in theaters or even before they premiere, which draws in big crowds to the Student Center Theater.

The Student Program Board is a student-run organization that puts on free events that range from bringing snow during the winter months to indoor roller skating. One of the many events SPB hosts is screening films on campus.

“Movie night at UH is cool, because it’s free and the students are our age, and we get to watch it together,” said pre-business sophomore Louis Hamoi.

The movies are chosen by SPB’s cinema chair, although students can weigh in through polls that are taken through the SPB social media sites or in-person events. 

“The process is to look through what movies are offered by the vendors we work with, (and) what we believe would be popular with the student body,” said Gabby Le, cinema chair of the SPB.

The movies are usually shown indoors at Student Center Theater, while outdoor showings are held at Lynn Eusan Park.

“UH is a place where people meet up, because we all go to school here and it makes the decision of where to watch a movie a lot simpler,” Homoi said. 

Due to the SPB, students may even be able to see a movie before it is released at regular theaters. 

“Sometimes we may do pre-screenings of movies if given the opportunity,” Le said. “We do not get to pick movies to pre-screen, rather movies companies reach out to us.” 

Movies are typically shown about every other week. However, this schedule is subject to annual change, depending on the current cinema chair.

“I think it’s nice they do this, because there are movies I would love to see but I can’t, because I’m so busy,” said environmental science junior Jaia Martin, “and since I live on campus it’s easy to go.”

No movie experience is complete without snacks, which is why concessions such as food, drinks, and prizes are offered throughout the movie. Some screenings SPB will give out prizes to attendees, Le said. 

The movies bring students together outside of class and create interactions that might never happen otherwise.

“I think it brings students together (in ways) that they might not have had otherwise by watching a movie with people you see everyday on campus,” Martin said. 

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