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A.D. Bruce Religion Center creates welcoming home where students can gather

More than just a church, the A.D. Bruce Religion Center offers a space on campus for religious and spiritual activities that students can take part in. 

The center offers many educational programs and activities that focus on religious issues. It’s not just for students, as the center is open for events with no religious affiliation as well. 

“I love how everyone at the center is inclusive and welcoming,” said Christian Science Organization president Alejandra Duque. “It feels like one big family.” 

As a gathering place, the A.D. Bruce Religion Center offers an environment for students and all Houstonians alike of any religious affiliation. Some events do not hold any religious affiliation to them at all.

More than 200 weddings are conducted at the center each year. The policies the center uses for weddings was given to them by the Religion Center Policy Board.

The center is used by Muslims and Christians the most, said UH Salt & Light Campus Ministry director Dorinda Werner. 

The center caters to many different Christian denominations including Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic and more. 

“The Wednesday lunch is certainly our largest event, and we host weekly small group bible studies at various times in our office,” said campus minister Clint Boyd. “The religion center itself hosts many other, wonderful events and groups based on Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and various other backgrounds.”

The religion center hosts a variety of different events ranging from formal religious worship to simple meals, mixers and movie nights.

The hot lunches the center sometimes offers on weekdays is hosted by Coogs For Christ and provided by the Memorial Church of Christ, Boyd said.

“The center gives an environment of peace, hope, fellowship with others, acceptance and is a place that students have the opportunity to grow in spiritual beliefs and knowledge,” Werner said.

Werner said a student visiting her at the center once told her that they thought A.D. Bruce was just the place to get free lunch, but that they found it that there was so much more beyond that.

“We are always open and welcoming to spend time with any students that want to learn more,” Duque said. “We hope to be able to provide lectures in the future and expand our resources.”

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