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Students Unite win most Senate seats in 2020 election


Students Unite won almost every Senate race they competed for. | File photo

Students Unite won most of the Senate seats in the 2020 election, paving the way for the party to control the legislative and executive branches of the next administration.

Jasmine Khademakbari and Hiba Rashid running for president and vice president won the election convincingly with 60 percent of the vote. 

The results of the election were originally planned to be announced Thursday at 7 p.m., but were released earlier due to campus closing.

Both the Green Fund Initiative and Ranked Choice & Single Transferable Vote Act were approved by the students who voted, with the Green Fund having a 69.45 percent approval and the Ranked Choice & Single Transferable Vote Act earning 70.01 percent approval.

The following are the senators who won the election;

Graduate Senator-at-Large (4)
Jon Garcia -StudentsUnite

Undergraduate Senator-at-Large (6)
Seat 1 Kenneth Davis III -Students Unite
Seat 2 Madelyn Chidester -Students Unite
Seat 3 Julian Cheng -Students Unite
Seat 4 Saabreen Ahmed -Students Unite
Seat 5 Brett Robinson -Students Unite
Seat 6 Sydney Blakely -Students Unite

Architecture Senators (1)
Austin Kelly -Students Unite

Business Senators (4)
Jack Morgan -Students Unite
John Nguyen -Students Unite
Maricar Gomez -#ForTheStudents
Esther Arias -Students Unite

CLASS Senators (7)
Jack Jordan -#ForTheStudents
Sandra Ortiz -Students Unite
Jade Wolfe -Students Unite
Daniel Padron -Students Unite
Arsalan Darbin -Students Unite
Chandler Rowley -Students Unite
Kevin Shell -#ForTheStudents

Education Senators (2)
Annie Kim -Students Unite
Queen Epomba -YouH

Pharmacy Senators (1)
Anna Lopez -Students Unite

Engineering Senators (3)
Emad Hamad -#ForTheStudents
Nooruldeen Aldulaimi -Students Unite
Garrett Allen -Students Unite

Honors Senators (2)
Kristine Ubina -Students Unite
David Paul Hilton -Students Unite

NSM Senators (4)
Aneesha Krothapalli-Students Unite
Chiamaka Chukwu -Students Unite
Alexandra Castro -#ForTheStudents
Julio Pineda -Students Unite

Technology Senators (4)
Justus Miles -#ForTheStudents
Kevin Acosta -Students Unite
Jonathan Sasser -Students Unite
Alexander Duvall -Students Unite

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