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University releases coronavirus prevention statement

In response to recent coronavirus outbreaks, the University has released a prevention statement and self-quarantine instructions.

While there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus within the UH system, six members of the University community are confirmed to be self-quarantining at this time.

The University has stated that it is necessary that all individuals returning from countries with a Level 2 or Level 3 Travel Warning, currently consisting of China, Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea, self-quarantine at this time.

Self-quarantine guidelines recommend avoiding public places including but not limited to campus, grocery stores and malls during the quarantine period. Additionally,  people quarantining should monitor their health and call their health care providers if they have any symptoms before visiting in person. 

The UH system is restricting University-related travel to China, Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea, and highly discouraging traveling to these countries for personal reasons.

People who have visited any of the countries with a Level 2 and 3 travel warning within the past 60 days are required to self-report their trip to the University. Self-reports will allow the UH system to make risk assessments and prevent the potential spread of the virus.

Self-reports can be filed through main campus (including UH at Sugar Land and UH at Katy), UH Clear Lake (including UHCL Pearland), UH Downtown and UH Victoria. 

An academic continuity plan is in the works for the UH system to prevent students affected by the virus from falling behind. The University encourages students to reach out to their academic advisers and professors for further questions.

The University suggests good hygiene, frequent hand washing, avoiding touching your face, avoiding sick people and flu shots as some prevention methods. 

It is recommended for people who have visited a country with a Level 2 or 3 travel warning to seek medical attention if they are experiencing symptoms such as fever over 100.3, runny nose, body ache, cough or more.

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