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Letter from the editor: We are suspending print, for now

Dear readers,

The Cougar is halting its presses, for now.

Monday was the first day all students began their classes entirely online or in an alternative format, which will be the new normal for at least the rest of this semester due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This means the thousands of students, and the many faculty and staff, who typically come to campus won’t be there to pick up the weekly print edition.

Due to this, we will not be printing our weekly edition for the foreseeable future.

We will instead be releasing a biweekly edition digitally. There will be issues on March 25, April 8 and April 22. This will still have our most in-depth stories we work on across our three sections: news, sports and opinion.

Check our Issuu page each Wednesday morning on those dates to read it, or subscribe to our email edition and it’ll be delivered to your inbox when it’s released.

The circumstances we find ourselves in because of the coronavirus pandemic are not ideal. We can no longer visit campus to see our friends, transitioning to online classes is tough and the uncertainty of what lies ahead can be stressful.

Our entire staff now works remotely to do our part in serving you, the reader. It’s our job to keep up and work through this pandemic.

We do our best throughout the week to keep the latest updates on how the new coronavirus is affecting campus on

This week will publish stories about how the coronavirus is affecting students trying to find jobs and how the transition to online classes has gone for some students.

If there is something that we ever miss, or you feel there is something The Cougar should shine a light on, our inboxes exist to connect us to you.

We will get through this. For now, though, we must trudge on.

[email protected]

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