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The campus rec has online workouts for students to stay active

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has moved their workouts online.

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has moved its workouts online. | Courtesy of assistant director of fitness Andrew Jones

The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has moved working out to the closest screen. Through social media, the rec is offering online workouts for students, faculty and staff wishing to stay fit at home.

Facebook Live has been the main outlet for students to follow along with the workouts hosted by the rec.

“Considering current events, our staff is committed to providing fun, safe, and effective fitness programming for the community,” assistant director of fitness Andrew Jones said. “We turned to our social media as a way to continue engaging with students, faculty and staff.”

The rec has temporarily suspending in-person workouts at the facility as a way to practice social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its Facebook page has workout videos, health tips and articles as well as the livestreams of trainers hosting workouts. 

Fitness coordinator Courtney Rorex said there are approximately 15 to 20 people that view the workouts during the livestreams but over 500 views on the videos that are saved to the Facebook page.

Some of the videos the rec has provided on its page include instructions for core workouts, yoga and high-intensity interval training.

“Our live group fitness classes are equally as fun and effective as our in-person classes,” Rolex said. “While we cannot wait to be back in the studios with our participants, we are enjoying engaging with the UH community in a new way.”

Anna Larsson is a NASM certified personal trainer that often demonstrates various work outs on the Facebook page.

“I think it is really motivating knowing that there is someone else following along at home who is working just as hard as me to stay active during these stressful times,” Larsson said.

There are also virtual programs offered by the rec that go over different at-home workouts, wellness and nutrition.

“We are very pleased with the interactions we have seen via our social media since beginning our virtual programming and are excited to continue watching our numbers grow,” Jones said.

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