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ACT and SAT requirements waived for UH applicants

UH is temporarily waiving ACT and SAT requirements for incoming students in the upcoming summer and fall semesters in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students who complete their application, pay the application fee and submit their high school transcript but do not have an ACT or SAT score will still be considered for admission through a holistic process. 

Applicants who do not submit one of the two standardized tests will be required to upload two letters of support, a personal statement and a resume. One of the two letters of support must be a representative from the applicant’s school, including teachers, coaches, counselors and administrators. 

The personal statement must answer one of the three prompts provided by the University. All three documents required to replace a standardized test score must be uploaded through the applicant’s myUH Self-Service portal.  

Students may submit advanced placement test scores, college-level coursework, number of college credit hours earned, core GPA, special talents, abilities or awards earned, family responsibilities, leadership activities, public service and extracurricular activities as non-required additional documents for their application.

Students in the top 10 percent of their high school class are eligible for assured admission with no minimum ACT or SAT score. Students in their high school’s top 11-50 percent are still able to receive assured admission if they meet the minimum test score requirement depending on their class rank. 

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