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Proposal for residential recycling and garbage bin charge will not affect UH

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Houston City Council proposed a $1.14 monthly fee for residential garbage and recycling bins. If the fee is enacted it will not apply to the University of Houston.

Earlier this week the city delayed the vote for this proposal. The proposal consists of carrying a monthly charge of $0.57 for bin and $1.14 a month for households with both garbage and recycling city-provided bins, according to the Houston Chronicle

For the University, there is a Solid Waste and Recycling team responsible for collecting, transporting and disposing of solid waste from campus.

“We have a single stream program for most items including paper, aluminum and plastic, which means it is separated at the recycling facility,” Director of Media Relations Chris Stipes said. “This is similar to how the city operates.”

The Office of Sustainability has day-to-day recycling efforts that include an electronics recycling drive and food waste collection, among other measures.

Stipes said the Student Centers started collecting plastic bags and film that are taken to local collection sites.

These programs and services are all through the University, so proposals that cover residential areas in Houston don’t come in to play on campus.

“The Solid Waste and Recycling team has a wealth of experience in managing our campus Solid Waste System in an efficient, safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective manner,” Stipes said. “The University is committed to sustainability to make our campus better for everyone.”

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