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Summer social distancing shines light on student hobbies

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

UH students have taken on different activities this summer after their previous plans fell through. 

After COVID-19 changed the way people were hoping to be spending their summer, students have been making the most out of their newly found free time to work on new hobbies.

For management information systems sophomore Sobouh Rahimi, this was the extra time he needed to start his new experiment.

“I was planning on interning over the summer, but they canceled the whole internship,” Rahimi said. “It’s giving me an opportunity to stay at home and work on my blog.”

Rahimi had been looking forward to getting his blog up and running for months. After buying the domain in late October and working towards launching, the pandemic was what he needed, Rahimi said.

On the blog, Rahimi plans to share his ideas, recipes, opinions and more.

Summer plans for computer science sophomore Zuhaib Fatany have turned into a paradox compared to what he planned initially.

“Summer plans originally included traveling to Saudi Arabia with my family,” said Fatany. “Unfortunately our trip was cancelled.”

Fatany managed to turn his extra time into money. What originally started off as a hobby turned into a full business for Fatany.

 Fatany’s goal was to construct a community among a diverse group of people through his clothing brand, FTG.

Although his business is already in effect, Fatany has plans to expand his brand once the stay at home order is lifted as well. 

“Whether you’re Muslim, Christain, Budhist, Hindu, brown, black, white, it doesn’t matter,” Fatany said. “Anyone can rock our clothes and that’s what brings us all together.”

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