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Scholarship Universe is the latest icon added to AccessUH

The Scholarship Universe icon has been added to AccessUH to assist students in finding internal and external scholarships. | Screenshot of AccessUH

The Scholarship Universe icon has been added to AccessUH to assist students in finding internal and external scholarships. | Screenshot of AccessUH

Scholarship Universe is the latest addition to the icons available to University students through their AccessUH account.

The app is a similar resource to what many schools have already been utilizing and aims to help UH students explore scam-free scholarships that will be personalized to fit each student’s eligibility. 

“For many UH students, scholarships are critical to being able to meet their educational expenses, but the process to seek and apply for them can be cumbersome and complicated, causing many students to simply give up,” said executive director of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Briget Jans.

By adding the Scholarship Universe icon, the University is attempting to simplify the scholarship application process for students.

“UH wanted to establish a simple, more cohesive process for students to apply for scholarships, both internal and external,” Jans said.

Although there are plenty of scholarships available on this app, students are not limited to those. As of now the application only matches students to external scholarships, but will strive to add some internal scholarships this fall semester.

It will take up to three semesters for the University to transfer all scholarships over to the app, according to Jans.

“At this time, due to where we are in the scholarship cycle, only outside scholarship opportunities are currently available on Scholarship Universe,” Jans said.

“In the late fall, the University’s endowed scholarships and scholarships for Bauer and CLASS will be available in Scholarship Universe in preparation for the 21-22 academic year,” Jans added.

Computer information systems junior Brian Tan finds the new app to be a modern take on searching for scholarships.

“I think it will strongly benefit new students,” Tan said. “It’s a lot better than what UH used to do, which I felt was too counterintuitive and behind the times. Since everything is so centrally located it will be a lot easier for students to find the scholarships that they want and qualify for. In addition, the application is simple to use.”

The convenience of being able to search for multiple scholarships in one location is another factor Tan enjoys about the application.

“It’s a lot more user-friendly than searching it up on Google because it is all nicely condensed into one spot,” Tan said.

Psychology senior Kassy Garza showed interest in the app as someone who is interested in searching and applying for scholarships. 

“I actually used it the moment I saw it pop up on my AccessUH page as I’m an avid scholarship seeker and saw a great opportunity offered by my University,” Garza said.

An aspect Garza enjoys about Scholarship Universe is the app’s attention to detail in order to best match students to scholarships.

“It’s a very user-friendly and simple set up as far as scholarship apps go, it asks very in-depth questions from your hometown to your gender and sexuality in order to provide you with scholarships that are most applicable to you, therefore, increasing the chances of a potential award,” Garza said.

Garza also finds this app to exceed supplementary scholarship websites.

“Compared to other scholarship apps that I have used previously such as Fastweb and, Scholarship Universe helps instill confidence in applying by providing me with scholarships that I actually stand a chance of receiving,” Garza said.

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