Petition to lower tuition for remote learning at UH gains traction

Chris Charleston/ The Cougar

The goal of the petition is to reach at least 5,000 signatures. | Christopher Charleston/The Cougar

A petition for UH to lower tuition for remote learning classes has acquired over 4,000 signatures as the University continues to lay out its plan for Fall 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The University announced the three possible types of course delivery, mostly centered on remote learning or an online basis, which brought this petition among UH students.

“Students should not be charged full tuition due to remote learning, which is out of our control,” the petition said.

The University transitioned into remote learning towards the end of the spring semester and will continue as an option going into the fall.

To calculate the cost of tuition as it is involves adding the mandatory fees such as the student service center fee, recreation and wellness fee and university center fee, said the author of the petition, Alexa Gallegos.

Taking away these fees is how the petition asks for lower tuition for UH’s students. The goal of the petition is to reach 5,000 signatures.

“We should not be charged for services we won’t be able to take advantage of due to social distancing,” the petition said. “Please join me in signing this petition and asking the University to adjust their tuition price.”

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