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Quad to still house students in the fall; unpaid workers case settled

Construction on the Quad is set to finish at the end of July. | File Photo

Construction onTthe Quad is set to finish at the end of July. | File Photo

The Quad is still set to house students in the upcoming fall semester and has come to an agreement regarding the underpaid workers.

While the building has been under construction, a group of workers filed claims alleging they were underpaid while working on the project. 

“Nine workers from the UH Quad Project have won a settlement resolving their wage claims,” said Sean Goldhammer from the Workers Defense Project.

“While the Workers Defense Project celebrates this victory, we believe many more workers on the Quad Project were denied their rights to prevailing wages and overtime under Texas law,” Goldhammer added.

At this time, The Quad is in the final stages of construction with finishing rooms and outdoor courtyards for the building space.

“The project remains on track to be completed at the end of July and ready for the fall semester,” associate vice president of Facilities and Construction Management David Oliver said.

Cougar Move-In for the students is set to take place Aug. 17-22.

The worker’s pay had no impact on the project after the issue was referred to the project contractor and subcontractor with a confidential resolution, Oliver said.

Over the construction period of 18 months, Oliver said there were over 5,000 workers on the project. 

The WDP began a petition for the nine workers who filed the claim and their claim was settled soon after.

“When WDP first came in contact with construction workers building the Quad Project, most workers did not know their rights and that they may be victims of wage theft,” Goldhammer said.

“The nine workers who exercised their rights to prevailing pay and overtime won justice, and their story has inspired others to take action.”

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