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Gerald D. Hines, Architecture College’s namesake, dies at 95

Gerald D. Hines' $7 million donation to the College of Architecture was "among his proudest accomplishments." | File photo

Gerald D. Hines’ $7 million donation to the College of Architecture was “among his proudest accomplishments.” | File photo

Gerald D. Hines, the College of Architecture’s namesake, died Sunday at 95. 

Hines was responsible for several projects in the Houston area, including The Galleria, One Shell Plaza, Williams tower and the JPMorgan Chase tower.

Hines is well known for his Houston-based real estate firm that he established in 1957. The firm grew into an international operation, now with thousands of employees in 25 countries.

One of Hines’ proudest achievements was the College of Architecture, according to a press release from his firm.

“We are truly saddened by the passing of Gerald D. Hines, our college namesake,” the College of Architecture said in a statement. “His firm belief in the power of architecture led to the development of iconic projects not only across Houston, but the world.”

President Renu Khator took to Twitter to express condolences on behalf of UH faculty and students. Khator called him a friend and an icon who was an example of success and creativity in the field of architecture.

Hines’ son, Jeffery Hines, succeeded him as chairman and CEO of his firm as of Monday.

“Mr. Hines’ legacy lives on at the University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, and his impact on future architects and designers will continue forever,” the college said in a statement.

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